3 Ways to Decorate Your Office

If you spend a lot of time in your office you probably feel that it needs redecorating in order for you to feel better at work. Here are 3 great ways to decorate your office according to your work style.

Businesswoman Classic

This is a classical office style that you can accessorize and make more interesting and dynamic without making it too edgy for the working environment. Let black, white, gray and silver hues dominate your office, and only emphasize some design details with either color or shape. Make sure that your chair is comfortable, while chairs for your clients can be a little bit out of the ordinary, as they only spend a certain amount of time sitting in them.

Silver Grooved Ball Vase and other office stuff

  • Nick Rennie Chiku Bookshelf (bonluxat.com)
  • Lights Up! Oscar Table Lamp (inmod.com)
  • Silver Grooved Ball Vase (maisondumonde.com)
  • Rory Dobner Precious Beetle Clock Paperweight (liberty.co.uk)
  • Acrylic Sculptures
  • Philippe Starck and Eugeni Quitllet Masters Chair (dwr.com)
  • ELTE Office Chair (elte.com)

All Artsy

If you’re in the art industry, you’re allowed to decorate your office according to your wild spirit. An all white interior, is a good base for designer elements that come in unordinary shapes and strong hues. Be yourself and let your office state your attitude, but also be careful not to go too off with your ideas.

artsy office decor

  • Flux Armchair (madeindesign.co.uk)
  • Fernando and Humberto Campana Vermelha Armchair (bonluxat.com)
  • Artifort F510 F511 Chair by Geoffrey Harcourt (allmodern.com)
  • Haworth Very White Task Chair (crateandbarrel.com)
  • Areaware Roller Skate Sculpture (nordstrom.com)
  • Lloytron Academy Touch Desk Pink Lamp
  • Call My Direct Line Phone (modcloth.com)
  • Niba Vase (bolia.com)
  • Nazanin Kamali Celine Desk (dwr.com)

Zen Yourself

If you’re a workaholic, and often feel completely exhausted from work, it can be an important sign for you to start appreciating those rare moments you get to spend without focusing on work. A great trick, to give yourself a break from time to time, is to create a relaxation corner in your office where you will feel comfortable and balanced, and where you will be able to recharge yourself when you need it most.

zen office decor

Discover what relaxes you, and put it in your office. Don’t forget to insert some interesting statues, candles and comfortable chairs. Stick with non aggressive hues, especially blue and green that are proven to help us relax.

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