4 Fun Drawing Games for Kids

Kids like to draw, we all know that. They get messy clothes, messy faces and leave us with messy carpets, but the smile on their faces and the fun that drawing represents for them are all worth a little mess, right? If you want to participate and draw with your child, we are giving you these 4 fun and also very useful drawing games. Before you start any of them, make sure that you’ve got non-toxic colors for drawing, especially if your children are very young and tend to put things in their mouth.

1. Family Drawing

You should ask your child to make a drawing of your family. Let them draw a house you live in and all the members of your family and tell them that they should draw it exactly as they see it. This is not only a fun drawing game for your child, but it is also a very important thing for you.

When your child draws your family exactly as they see it, you can also see all those things your child is maybe not telling. Children psychologists always do this drawing game with kids to see how the family is functioning. If your child for example draws your family without your husband, you will know that the child is missing their father and you should see if your husband could work less and spend more time with your family.

The whole point of this game is that it lets you see your family through your child’s eyes and you don’t need to burden your kid with all those questions you would like to ask. Simply let them draw and pay attention to all the details in the drawing because they let you prevent a lot of possible problems with your kids.

2. Future Drawing

If you want to know about your child’s hopes and dreams ask them to make a drawing of what they want to be when they grow up. Of course, you can’t really trust this judgment, especially with really young children, but you can get an insight in the things they are interested in.

Let’s say your daughter draws herself as a ballerina – you could consider ballet lessons instead of violin lessons. Or if your son draws himself as an astronaut, well of course you can’t enroll him in an astronaut course but you could buy some children books about the universe that your son will find interesting.

3. My Favorite Things

Mother and Daughter Drawing

Ask your child to draw their favorite things. Set up a couple of categories like favorite animal, favorite food, favorite clothes or anything else you can think of. Your kid will be very happy to do this and it also shows them that you care about the things they like.

This is also a very good idea when looking for a birthday or Christmas present for your child. Drawing their favorite things will help you pick up a perfect present more easily. You will also learn a lot about your children through this fun drawing game, because it gives an insight in things you might not remember to ask your kid.

4. Grandparents

In case your child’s grandparents live far away from you, you should ask your child every now and then to do a drawing of their grandparents. Of course, you can’t expect a perfect portrait, but you can for example see if your child remembers grandma’s hair color.

This is a very fun drawing game and it is also very good if you don’t want your child to forget the grandparents because they don’t see each other very often. Of course, once your child grows up a little they will remember the grandparents even if they don’t see them in years, but it’s good to remind them when they are young.

Drawing is in any case fun, that’s the reason children love it so much. Nevertheless, sometimes they get stuck with their drawing and this is when you can step in and suggest one of these fun drawing games to your child. The child will have some fun and you will learn something new – so it’s a win-win situation.

And you had fun, didn’t you?

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