5 Books Every Intelligent Woman Should Read

Intelligent women are never done learning. They constantly seek to improve every aspect of their life, bettering their mind, body and soul. They are capable of evolving and adapting with this fast paced ever-changing world. At YouQueen we’re aware that not only are our readers able to wear a number of hats, they’re able to wear them in style. So we’ve compiled a list of five books to keep you on your A game in every category. After all, brains with beauty is an unstoppable combination.

1. Because You Care About What Goes On in The World

Songs of Blood and Sword: A Daughter’s Memoir by Fatima Bhutto


Fatima Bhutto was 14 when the Karachi police murdered her father, Murtazi Bhutto. Niece to the Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, Fatima Bhutto’s gracefully tells the emotional tale of the crumbling of the political dynasty that was once her family. This book is a vital read for a woman in the know because it fills in the blanks that the media avoids. Beyond the death counts in the Middle East and the news portrayals, this book takes you into the untold story of a young girl in the center of political warfare. Fatima Bhutto brings a human element to a topic that may seem distant to many of us and offers up a rare point of view.

2. Because You Care About Helping Others

Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie

Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie

You may know Blake Mycoskie as the creator of Toms, the saintly shoe company that spear headed the “Buy One Give One” trend in which every purchase of shoes would result in a pair of shoes donated to someone in need. Quickly companies around the world jumped on the “giving” bandwagon using the same concept for eyeglasses, laptops, and even cans of Coke. What you may not know is that Mycoskie was a struggling entrepreneur prior to Toms, who now believes that success only occurred for him when his intentions were genuine and pure. In the book Mycoskie discusses the birth of Toms, how the company grew out of a small loft with a staff of 5 interns, and gives tips on how you can create your own giving project. Nothing is quite as rewarding as helping others and this book is ideal for someone with an idea for a start up, or charity, that just needs a bit of a push. The book in itself is motivating, and uplifting. It also contains some anecdotes on household name companies that you may be surprised to read about.

3. Because You Care What’s On Your Plate

The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone


You probably associate her with her ditsy, materialistic character from the film Clueless. However in reality Alicia Silverstone is an animal rights activist, vegan, and global warming genius. The Kind Diet discusses the effects a vegan-based diet has on us and on our planet. Regardless of whether or not you are a vegan, this book offers definitive insights into what’s really on your plate. Silverstone delivers scientific fact after fact on the damage that a carnivorous diet is causing our planet. She also takes on common misconceptions given to us by the media such as “Milk will give you strong bones” and “You need meat to give your body protein.” While she does discuss violence towards animals for some of this book, the majority of it really pertains to knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body. You may not decide to quit meat and dairy all together, but at least you’ll be informed on exactly what you’re eating.

4. Because You Care About Your Career

Basic Black by Cathie Black

Basic Black by Cathie Black

Cathie Black, former President of Hearst Corporation, humorously and intelligently recaps her rise in the magazine industry while it was still very much a “man’s world.” It’s hard to imagine that anyone with so much personal success ever made a single mistake during their career, but Black has made plenty. She discusses some of her most mortifying and “I can’t believe you just did that” moments. Fortunately, she also discusses how she got herself out of them. In addition to her own success stories, Black shares what’s impressed her in the future generation of women on the rise. This book is ideal for any woman who wants to stand her ground in the workplace without being looked over. It has step-by-step instructions on how to climb the corporate latter, and the little extra efforts we may forget from time to time.

5. Because You Care About Your Love Life

Date Like A Man by Myreah Moore

This book should really be handed out to every girl in high school; it would’ve saved us all from a lot of broken hearts. It’s essentially a road map through dating. It answers all those annoying questions like “how long should I wait to answer his text” and “how do I avoid coming off as being needy.” Myreah Moore has this all down to a science. She discusses how dating is more of a numbers game; that while men will date multiple women at once in the beginning of a relationship, women will only date one man at a time lessoning our odds of finding “the one.” She also breaks down her revolutionary “Pair and a Spare” concept, a timeline on exactly when to and not to go out with a guy, and basically every other instruction on how to get a man eating out of the palm of your hand.

A word of advice: this book is not for women with traditional ideas of dating. This book was designed to go hand in hand with the modern dating world, for a woman who doesn’t have time trying to figure out whether or not a guy is the “real deal” and simply wants to get what she deserves.

Add these books to your fall reading list and enjoy your sense of further enlightenment. Be sure to share your favorites with us as well! Have a fictional page-turner you think we should know about? A cookbook you simply couldn’t live without? Leave us some suggestions in the comment section below. We love hearing from our readers!

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