5 Summer Plans You Can’t Miss

Although most of us would like to spend their summer sunbathing and swimming, that is not really the only thing we could do. There are many great things to do during the summer and I’m presenting you five of them.

Ok, some of these require some extra effort, but I promise it will pay off in the end. After all, good things come to those who try hard, right? These are five summer plans you can’t miss.

1. See a New Place

You know how there’s always been that one place you’ve been talking about for years? It would be so good to finally see that place, right? Well, get up and do it.

Yes, there are lots of excuses not to do this. There’s always the money problem, but you can save money during the year.  If you don’t know how, find some useful advice on how to save money for a vacation or holiday and check out how to start a holiday fund.

You deserve to see that special place, no matter where it might be. So, pack your bags and treat yourself with new memories this summer.

If you would like to see a new place but don’t have the actual place in mind, there’s still solution for you. You could choose one of top 50 places to see before you die, or all of them, why not?

2. Learn a New Language

Summer language schools are very popular. You can learn the basics of a new language quickly and usually for less money. Many schools offer promo prices for summer courses.

Ok, don’t get the illusion that you will become fluent in just a couple of months. Learning a new language takes time. What’s great is that you can try and see if the language you’ve chosen suits you. If it does you can continue the course when the summer is over.

There are a lot of languages out there you could learn. I would have to suggest you to learn one of the top 6 most useful languages to learn. Not only that you’ll give yourself a chance to learn a new language, you could also open a lot of business doors and be able to improve your career.

However, if you’re really not in the mood for a foreign language, I would suggest learning sign language. This is a very humane and a very nice thing to do.

3. Do Some Charity Work

group of volunteers

There are lots of people out there who could use your help. Write down charity work on your list of summer plans.

Whether you choose to volunteer in a public kitchen or to read to the elderly in a local retirement home, your work does matter. You will get a chance to put a smile on a couple of faces every day. That is a feeling that can hardly be measured with anything else in the world.

Ask at your community center about the things you could do. Volunteers are always needed and who knows, maybe you’ll find something closely connected to your future profession and gain valuable working experience.

You could also spend your holiday volunteering. You will have a chance to do something nice and travel with lower expenses at the same time. There are possibilities to work with animals and people as well and to offer a helping hand where it is needed. Find out more about free or low cost travelling and volunteering on following links:

4. Become More Active

Most of us sit too much, eat too much and don’t work out enough. Promise yourself that this summer you will become more active.

Try out a new sport or return to something you used to do. Come up with a good plan and stick to it. If you decide to run every morning, really get up every morning and do it. It’s a good idea to find someone to keep you company. That way you can always support each other. You could also join some group sport and start exercising on regular basis. If you would like to try a completely new sport, check out 11 sports you should try this summer.

This is a good decision – for your body, your health and your mind. The hardest part is to decide to do it. Once you start, there’s no backing down. Why waste all the effort you’ve already put in?

5. Try New Food

A lot of people travel somewhere during the summer. This is a perfect way to try the local cuisine and the food you’ve never tried before.

It’s easy if you travel, you just need to hit the local restaurants. However, even if you’ll be staying in your hometown during the summer, you can still try new food. There is an abundance of foreign restaurants throughout the country – you just need to choose what you want to try.

I have to suggest truing escargot. It is a dish made from land snails and typically served as an appetizer in France. Yes, I know it sounds disgusting, but you never know if it tastes good unless you try it. For those of you feeling really brave, dangerous food is awaiting for you to try it. But really, think twice before you do.

So, which one of these summer plans suits you best? You don’t need to spend every summer sunbathing and swimming. Do something different this time. Trust me, it will be great.

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