6 Cheap Ways to Decorate Your Room

You feel your home needs a redecoration but you don’t have enough money to pay all the services and products you think you need? Don’t worry! There is a lot of ways how you can redesign your home on low budget.

So, you are about to redesign your room, but you’re low on cash. No problem – there are many cheap ways to decorate your room. With a little creativity and a pair of skilled hands you can make some stuff you never thought you could. Here’s how:

1. Do Vintage

An old wooden chair will become a super charming piece of furniture if you paint it in an attractive color such as fuchsia, turquoise, mint, lime or some of the colors from the neon palette. You can also paint it in white and then draw some beautiful floral patterns all over it. Once you’re done, it will be an addition to your room you’ll never forget.

You can also repaint old picture frames to add a new dimension of cool to your photos. Or repaint some old wooden boxes that you can later use to put stuff in or on them. Or simply have them on top of one another in the corner of your room for decoration.

2. Let Your Walls Be Your Canvas

Still, don’t get too Picasso on them or you could create the impression of a jam-packed space. Use black paint to create subtle decorative drawings that will enrich the room. They could cover the whole wall, or only a part of it – it’s up to you. You could also use your drawings to emphasize a piece of furniture you really like.

3. Home-made Posters

Use old and new fashion magazines, calendars etc. to create actual artistic collages. The best combination would be to mix vintage fashion and makeup ads from your grandma’s magazine collection with abstract patterns from modern art magazines.

Let yourself loose – you can always add or remove stuff if there’s something that doesn’t match. Also make sure that there are no blank areas on your poster. Have fun creating these, and then frame them and hang them on a wall so everyone can enjoy your work of art.

4. Be Smart with Wallpapers

Quality wallpapers are quite expensive, but there is a trick not to spend too much money and still have them in your interior – put them on the back of your shelves. This way they will seem hidden and draw people’s attention while, at the same time, they will make your room more beautiful.

5. Bottles and Jars are so Much Fun

Reusing bottles and jars is another cheap way to decorate your room. You can collect them in several sizes and then arrange them in a cute composition. You can put white Christmas lights inside of them for a nice ambience. If you draw something on them, you will create a wonderful play of light that you will always enjoy.

6. Cheap Shopping

If all the above is not enough, there are lots of wonderful pieces for your room that you can buy for little money. Here are some ideas:

Cheap Shopping articles for bedroom

What’s on the list? (from top left corner, horizontally)

  • H&M Cushion Cover, $8 (
  • Evelyn Multi-Color Pattern Cushion, $20 (
  • Strawberry Thief Liberty Print Pin Cushion Jar, $11 (
  • Ikea Papaja Flower Pot, $1.99 (
  • Ikea Husön Flower Pot, $18 (
  • Folklore Coffeepot, $22 (
  • Small Alaina Bird Cage Wall Frame, $30 (
  • Giraffe Planter, $20 (
  • Wooden Owl Frame, $18 (

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