7 Warning Signs That You’re Wasting Your Life

Our life is about living to the fullest, not wasting time. Yet, we do and don't realize it. Incredible facts guaranteed to restructure your life are inside.

Wise people know tomorrow is a privilege to accomplish what we missed yesterday. Tomorrow isn't a guarantee. Time-wasters always wait until tomorrow to accomplish tasks better suited for today.

Unlike procrastinators who eventually get the job finished, the problem with time-wasters is they always wait until tomorrow. As they look back on their life, time passed them by and woes of regret remain. If a midlife or quarter-life crisis occurred or if complacency settles in, blame it on these reasons.

Repeated thoughts of action

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Thoughts about action and physically taking action are two different things. One keeps us in our mind. By allowing the problem to play out, we are solving it. In reality, we come up with more problems to solve. When the thoughts correct those problems, more arrive.

The repeated thoughts never stop. Therefore, we never go. Action skills such as calling, researching, and networking breaks repeated thoughts of action and transforms it into realistic thoughts with possible, yet concrete solutions.


A different repeated thought is daydreaming. Sometimes it's easier to live in a fantasy than go through the pain of real life. The fantasy enables people from living life because it has a strong hold over our mind. It takes over. If this is you, wake up. There's nothing wrong with fantasy. It's more fun to live the fantasy than dream about it, so chase it.

A realistic daydream is replaying past successes in your mind. Yes, you lived that life, but you're not living now. This life now is a waste because you're too busy reliving past success. Once again, wake up.

Negative vibes

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Negative thoughts about you, the job, the salary, the co-workers, the boss, the illness, the neighborhood, and debt breed more negativity. Spoken aloud or conjured in the brain, negative thoughts keep you down.

Physically taking action is worthless if negativity wins out; your attitude originates from thoughts. If there are negative vibes, then the negative will become reality. Switch out negativity and add positivity instead.

Outside interference

Friends and family are there for you, but are friends and family holding you back from greatness? These people suck the positivity out and keep you at bay. Notice how thriving their life is while yours stay motionless.

They construct ideas for your life while their life thrives regardless of what you say. It's time to kick these energy vampires and negative nancies to the curb. Co-exist with people who are open-minded and provide constructive, yet encouraging criticism. If friends and family are negative nancies and energy vampires, invest in a support group.

Not getting priorities straight

What makes clothes shopping more important than attending college? Why is the latest video game more important than a doctor's appointment? Less important tasks are in the most important category.

These people are living in the present and refuse to focus on the bigger picture – their future. Focus on future goals first (getting a job, attending college, finding accommodations, paying bills, etc.). When that is concrete, then focus attention toward tasks like clothes shopping and home decoration.

Highway to the comfort zone

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On the contrary, a person's life may become very successful. The success achieved is good enough to stop and rest. This is the comfort zone. The struggle is over, and the desire to aim higher drifts away.

That loss of trying turns to laziness. Laziness turns into regret because we don't try anything else. It's safer here. Successful people never stay complacent. Steer your career to the danger zone and take risks. Trying and failing is exceptional compared to never trying.

Failing health

Sleep and health go a long way toward pro-activity. Lack of sleep breeds a slower mind, insomnia, and hallucinations. Plenty of it brings renewed energy and focus to a tired mind.

Eat right and exercise. Weight loss isn't the only benefit; a nourished mind is aware, sharp, and focused. The body can assist in accomplishing goals because it's healthy and energized. Place your health first as it is a priority (see “not getting priorities straight”). Then, use the recharged energy to focus on vital tasks that propel your life forward.

In conclusion, pro-activity is the cure for time wasters. For the over-thinkers, try taking the plunge first; then, sort out the details. The reckless risk-takers must try slowing down and analyze the situation. However, keep the risk-taking attitude or the over-thinking mind. This balance creates calculated risk. Therefore, nothing becomes stale. The mind, body, and soul are consistently moving. Soon, time wasting will become a primitive setback.

Are the brain's wheels constantly turning toward negative thoughts or comfort? Do you need assistance determining what a priority is? Is fear holding us back from leaping forward? Answer these questions in the comments section. YouQueen would love the interaction between readers about this along with additional dilemmas and concerns. Don't forget to share this information to someone who needs it. Share this information across your social media channels. You can break the time wasting habit. As long as another day comes, it's never too late.

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