8 Benefits of Table Shower Massage

Table shower massage is pretty much what you might think it is from the name. You lie down on a waterproof table and let a set of sprinklers and a therapist massage your whole body. Check out 8 benefits of table shower massage.

Make sure that you choose a good salon for your table shower massage. Everything needs to be perfectly clean and sanitized. Then you can fully enjoy all the benefits table shower massage brings.

1. Full Body Relaxation

As with any other massage, table shower massage offers a full body relaxation. It’s even better, because it combines the regular massage and hydro massage.

While you are lying on the table and the water and the therapist give you a massage, you will be able to completely relax and enjoy. The water also has a cleansing effect, and I don’t mean only on your body, but on your mind as well. After this massage, you will feel purified and renewed. Reborn!

2. Improving of the Healing Process

Table shower massage is said to be very beneficial when it comes to improving the healing process. If you had some kind of muscle or joint injury, this could be the right thing for you.

Water massage is the key element of the healing process as it not only helps apply direct pressure on a sore muscle, it also helps your body get more oxygen. More oxygen means more fuel for your muscles and faster healing after an injury.

3. No More Pauses Between Treatments

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When you visit a spa or a massage parlor, you don’t always just get a massage. Sometimes you’re in the mood for a mud wrap followed by a relaxing massage. This is where table shower massage comes at its best.

You will not need to take a break between your mud wrap and the actual massage. Being on a shower table, the therapist will simply clean the mud off of you and proceed with the massage. This way, you will be relaxed the whole time and you will avoid those annoying ten minutes when you need to make a pause in your relaxation to go take a shower.

4. Detoxification and Mind Stress Relief

Table shower massage offers a complete detoxification of your body as well as stress relief. It’s not only good for your body; it’s great for your mind too.

The sprinkles that are placed above the massage table are aligned along energy centers of your spine, your chakras. The influence of the water will help open the chakras; this will provide a full body detoxification. It will relieve you of all the negative energy, allowing the positive energy to overwhelm you. This process will also help you clear your mind and become more concentrated and creative.

5. First Time Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Table shower massage is said to be the best starter for all those who would like to try deep tissue massage. Of course, it is not really a deep tissue massage, but it will give you an insight in how it looks like.

How is it done? Well, some parlors (you will have to check if the one you’ll be going to provides this service) offer a service of lowering the sprinkles and turning up the volume of the water on them. What you get basically is the higher amount of water hitting at one spot of your body. The result is some kind of beginner’s deep tissue massage. People have also reported that they got the benefits from deep tissue massage without having to deal with the pain it brings this way.

6. Better Circulation

Because of the fact that table shower massage consist of both hot and cold showers, you’ll get a chance to improve your body circulation. Add the massage into it, and you’re in for the win.

Table shower massage usually starts with a warm shower. After everything else that is included in the treatment you should ask to get a cold shower in the end. The warmth of the water will expand your blood vessels in the beginning. The massage that follows will relax them, as well as your entire body. A cold shower in the end will make your blood vessels stronger, because now they will shrink because of the cold, but the blood flow will not immediately decrease.

7. Hydrotherapy

Woman At Hydrotherapy

This type of massage brings all the benefits of hydrotherapy. The reason is very simple – there’s water involved, right? However, table shower massage is even better than hydrotherapy, because, well, you’ll get a massage as well.

We all know that hydrotherapy brings a lot of benefits, but we also know that there are a lot of nasty skin infections lurking in the corners of hot tubs. These tubs really need to be thoroughly cleaned after every use because the hot water is pretty much a heavenly place for bacteria. Unfortunately, not all spas do this.

With table shower massage you get all the benefits of hydrotherapy, without the possibility to catch an infection as well. The table you lie on is cleaned not only after, but also through every use. I mean, the water is constantly rinsing you and the table as well. Plus, the tables are usually metal, and bacteria don’t really grow on metal.

8. A Full Treatment

Maybe the greatest benefit of table shower massage is the fact that you get a full relaxing treatment. The therapy starts with a hot shower combined by full body scrub. This will remove all the dead cells from your body and prepare it for the massage part.

Depending on the treatment, you can then get just a massage or massage combined with mud wrap or something else. Check what your massage parlor offers and choose what suits you best. Still, just the fact that you’ll get a massage after a hot shower will give you more benefits of the massage itself than just getting a massage. Your muscles will relax because of the warmth of the water and your pores will expand. That’s way, you’ll feel the massage better and your skin will soak up more of the great oil the massage is done with.

When by the end the therapist rinses you off with the final shower, you will feel renewed, relaxed and filled with positive energy. Totally worth it, right?

In any case, table shower massage is a unique and very pleasant massaging experience. Make sure you try it as soon as possible.

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