9 Beautiful and Relaxing Bathroom Ideas

Ok, ladies, is your life crowded? How about your home? Well, if you are looking for a certified way to relax, it’s time to make some room for your bathroom. Spoil your senses! God knows they deserve it. YouQueen made a list of both beautiful and relaxing ideas to turn your bathroom into an oasis.

1. Take a Deep, Aromatic Breath

Try using aromatic oils, or scented candles. Experiment. Try chamomile and lavender for relaxation, buy a shower gel containing your favorite scent or simply spray some perfume before you take a bath.

2.  Be a DJ

Woman listening to music in bubble bath

Make a playlist of your favorite songs, or choose the ones that remind you of a special, comforting moment and hit play. Sing along, use the shower as a microphone, have a good time.

3. Decorate

I know it sounds like a huge, tedious task, but it doesn’t have to be. Get a beautiful, relaxing effect with a discrete painting, or a wall sticker, or a new mirror. Anything fresh works.

4. Tidy up

Another chore you say? Hardly. This is your space. And that means it should have your unique touch. Don’t let it be a scattered mess.

5. A Touch of Nature

If the small decorations don’t quite meet your bathroom perfectionist needs, try something a bit more…natural. Bring in a small plant, pick some wooden details, or buy a bathtub made of natural stone.

6. Color, Color, Color!

All white bathrooms can be elegant and relaxing, but can also backfire and create a hospital like look. Do hospitals make you feel relaxed? Didn’t think so. A playful floor tile combination or a charming bordure on an all white surface can really seal the deal.

7. Let the Sunshine in

Inside of luxurious bathroom in modern house

Or, if you don’t have a window, light the place up! Try not to use that unpleasant neon like whiteness. It will only tire your eyes and strain your nerves. And yes, of course candles count as a good alternative for a nighttime bath.

8. Be Fluffy

Buy a comfy bathrobe, for extra enjoyment. After a relaxing, steamy bath it will caress your body and keep you warm, much like a man, just without the fights. See, relaxing!

9. Turn off Your Phone

The last thing you need is rushing out of the bath and interrupting your personal time, just to find that your friend is bored, or that your battery is low. Seriously, running over slippery tiles was never a good idea. Break some rules, not your neck.

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