Can You Enjoy Sex During Pregnancy?

A question every mother should ask herself at some point. It’s completely natural to wonder and be a little bit worried! Read what a professional has to say about sex during pregnancy to be sure you’re not doing anything wrong!

Is it ok to have sex while you’re pregnant? How about oral sex? Can sex during pregnancy hurt the baby? It’s perfectly normal for all pregnant women to go through this dilemma, especially if it’s their first time around being with the child. They often find themselves not quite sure what’s ‘allowed’, what could be dangerous or harming… So, more often than not, they deprive themselves and their partners of sexual pleasures, just to be on the safe side.

Having Sex During Pregnancy Is Possible and Normal

Well, if you’re one of those women let me tell you – the fact of the matter is – having sex during pregnancy is possible and normal as long as your doctor doesn’t say otherwise during a checkup. This is to say that if the pregnancy is progressing with no complications and everything’s right on that part, you can have sex as much as you want whenever you want it, throughout all 9 months.

Usually, during the first trimester, most women experience throwing up and nausea, caused by fluctuation of hormones during that period which can also affect your sex drive. So, not having a desire for sex during the first three months is quite common, but again – having sex is still perfectly okay.

During the second trimester the sex drive is back on track, and the throwing up and nausea are down to a minimum which will make having sex feel more comfortable and pleasuring than you’ve had it lately.

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Being sexually active in the third trimester is also very much allowed. It can happen that the process itself can be a bit more challenging due to back pain and additional weight, which can also cause lack of sexual desire.

Every position is allowed as long as you’re comfortable. And what you’ll be comfortable with sex wise is going to change depending on how far along you are. It’s best for every couple to find out what they like, what feels good and what works for them. Every position that brings pleasure and is comfortable is a go. So it’s up to you to search for the best one.

There are of course some things you MUST keep in mind:

  • If your partner has an STD be sure to use a condom because an infection CAN affect the pregnancy and your baby’s health.
  • If you’re planning on having sex with multiple partners a condom is a must.

And as for sex during pregnancy hurting your baby you can be sure that it’s not going to happen if you consult with your doctor and make sure there are no other complications.

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If it’s all okay, having sex early on in the pregnancy is NOT going to cause a miscarriage or do any harm (miscarriages are usually caused by hormonal disorders of other disorders in the development of the embryo). Also, when you’re far along there is no danger for the baby in you while having sex. There’s amniotic fluid, your cervix and cervical mucus to act a sort of a barrier so the sexual intercourse itself can never do your baby any harm.

On the other hand it’s important to be cautious when it comes to having oral and anal sex during pregnancy.

Oral sex is fine to have, but make sure that you warn your partner to adjust his breathing and make sure he doesn’t blow air into your vagina (which can happen on rare occasions). This can cause air emboli which can harm yours and your baby’s life. This is extremely rare but one can’t be too cautious!

Anal sex is not forbidden or anything but is not recommended during pregnancy because it can cause discomfort and more importantly harm to women who’re dealing with hemorrhoids. Also bacterial infections can occur with the transfer of bacteria from the anal area to the vagina which can lead to your and your baby’s health being at stake.

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