Do You Unknowingly Shame Promiscuous People?

Shaming someone for their personal choices isn’t okay. Do you judge those who are little less than conservative in their sex lives? Find out here for sure.

We all have our own beliefs and ways that we live our lives. But, sometimes we don’t realize just how much our own opinions show through and affect the way we treat people—even when we’re not deliberately doing so.

While you may say that you’re open-minded and don’t judge people for being a little more loosey-goosey between the sheets than you are, do you unknowingly push your views onto other people anyway?

Are you someone who subconsciously avoids a person because, deep down, you’re judging them for their promiscuity? If you’re unsure if this is you, here are eight signs to tell for sure.

1. People who wear little clothing make you uncomfortable

sexy girls

If you get really uncomfortable when you’re in a room with someone who is wearing less than what you think is an acceptable amount of clothing, you could subconsciously be shaming them.

What someone else wears shouldn’t affect how you feel. It’s their decision! So, if you’re someone who is constantly being creeped out by a woman showing a little more cleavage, you might unknowingly be shaming them.

2. You don’t befriend people who have a ‘reputation’

Even if you like a gal’s personality, you don’t become friends with them because you know they have a tendency to get around a bit. Now, you may not realize that’s the reason you decided to keep them out of your little friend circle.

However, it is a subconscious decision that you make based on their personal choices to get a little busier in the bedroom than you would.

3. You find yourself bashing promiscuous people

This really isn’t something you can unknowingly do, but some people may not realize the extent to which they take that bashing. If you find yourself gossiping about someone and focusing particularly on their promiscuity, you are shaming them.

One way you could be doing this unknowingly is if you may not be contributing to the conversation much, but you’re in a group of people who are speaking negatively about those women; you are indirectly shaming them.

4. You assume women who have guy friends are floozies

jealous woman

One way you could be shaming women without realizing it is if you assume things about them based on their friends. Some women have more guy friends, and people might assume that this means they’re also more promiscuous.

If you are one of these people, you are shaming women with more guy friends—even if they’re not the type to hop into bed with everyone they meet.

5. You share posts shaming those ‘floozy’ girls

There are so many social media posts aimed at shaming promiscuous girls. You might be the type of person who clicks that share button without even thinking about it.

Whether you realize you’re doing this or not, by sharing those posts, you are shaming the girls who are choosing to live life their own way. Maybe next time you want to hit that share button, be more conscious of what that post means to other people.

6. You talk about how much you would “never” do what they do

This is more direct shaming, but some people don’t really know they do it. When you’re in a group and the topic of promiscuity comes up and you outright say you would “never” be like that or do some of those things, you’re shaming those types of women.

By saying you would never do those “types” of things, you’re basically saying that you’re above it, which can be really insulting to people who live like that.

7. You subconsciously make grossed-out faces when you see promiscuous people

shocked woman

I can tell you right now that you are probably guilty of doing this at one time or another. I’m even guilty of doing this if I really think about it. There are moments when you might catch yourself making a certain face when you hear about someone or even see them out and about.

You might not realize that you’ve contorted your face into something that says it is really unappealing to you just because you know about their personal preferences when it comes to their sex life.

8. You never get to know people with a promiscuous reputation

If you know a few ladies with promiscuous reputations, but don’t really get to know them because of their lifestyle, you are unknowingly shaming them.

By refusing to really get to know them just because of one aspect in their lives, you’re basically saying that because of that one aspect about them, you don’t want to know who they are.

The problem with unknowingly shaming promiscuous women is that you could really be representing yourself in a bad way. The next time you catch yourself doing any of the above signs of shaming, rethink your actions so you’re not putting down other women.

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