Here Is Why Your Diet Is Not Working

I feel like every woman has tried to diet at least once to get the body they want to achieve. Most of the time, though, these diets never work. Here is why.

The number of diets I have put myself on to try to shed some pounds and feel healthier about myself is crazy. In fact, these diets drove me crazy, and never worked for me.

If you get caught up in the same cycle of trying to diet, here is what you may be doing wrong.

1. You are thinking of it as a ‘diet’

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I have honestly come to hate the word ‘diet’. It comes with such a negative stigma, and anytime someone says that they are on a diet, they never sound happy about it.

Another way to think about it is that you are changing your lifestyle. I will explain further how you can do this in a more positive way, and why what you are doing is not working out.

However, the first thing to do is to cut out the negative feelings that go along with the ‘diet’. Changing how you eat does not have to be a negative thing at all. In fact, it can turn out to be something very positive with the right mindset.

2. You are being too restrictive

The number one diet that I see people go on, and one I have tried many times, is a low carb or even a no carb diet. This is NOT how to go about it at all. Carbs are not bad for you.

If you cut out all carbs from your diet, you will eventually binge and gain back any weight you lose. It is not healthy to do that to your body; your brain and body needs carbs to survive.

Eating pasta, bread, rice or other carbs is not bad for you as long as it is consumed with other healthy foods. Carb up: don’t restrict yourself from that.

The attitude that carbs are bad for you is one that needs to go away instantly. This also applies to diets that cut out all sugar, which is far too restrictive; our bodies need sugar to survive.

Focus on adding healthy foods into your diet rather than cutting out so many things. Eat an abundance of fruits vegetables and whole grains.

When you’re too restrictive, you will end up binging because you are depriving yourself of so much. Focus on adding in the good foods instead of cutting out all the bad ones.

3. You are eating foods you hate

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Another mistake people often make when they diet is that they eat only foods that they hate because they are healthier. It makes you absolutely miserable.

I do understand: people will do anything to be skinny, even if it means sacrificing their happiness. I’ve been there.

So many times people will groan and moan about how terrible the food is on the diet they are on. Stop right there. Start replacing those foods you hate with foods you actually enjoy eating, but that are healthier.

Healthy recipes and alternatives for something you may love are available all over. Do not torture yourself by eating foods that you hate.

This is also why ‘diet’ is such a negative term. Eat an abundance of healthy foods that you love. Research different lifestyles that you think will include different meal options you will love and be excited to eat and prepare.

4. You are being too black and white

One mistake people make when they try to go on diets is that they go extremely hard at first, and are all about it for a week or so, but then they crash.

That is expected if you go too full force into something all at once. Take it in steps.

Cut out unhealthy foods and add in healthy ones rather than suddenly trying to cut out everything that you’re used to consuming. Going cold turkey will lead to you doing the opposite, which is binging.

You are human: take baby steps, and don’t try to conquer an extreme diet all at once. There is always a grey area.

5. You are in a vicious cycle

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It is a vicious cycle of dieting, calorie restricting, binging and self-loathing that so many young girls and women get into that is so hard to stop.

I have been there from a young age, and it can make one truly miserable. I still get into that mindset, but I changed my lifestyle and realize that it is so unhealthy.

It is such horrible way to live, hurting your body with these crash diets and hating yourself no matter what. I promise you that it is never too late to try to get out of that cycle and start living a healthier life, free of dieting and negativity that goes along with eating and body image.

I found veganism, which is what works for me, but if you feel as though that is not right for you, you can always switch to another kind of healthier lifestyle. You do not have to be trapped in this vicious cycle forever.

Body image issues can be extremely debilitating. If you feel as though your body image issues have taken over your life, please ask for help and talk to someone. No diet or lifestyle change is going to fix that. A healthy mindset comes first. Cheers to living a healthy and happy life.

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