How to Motivate Yourself to Do Running Regularly

Why is running good for you? Read on to find out how to motivate yourself to run regularly and why you should try to do so.

We will always have our lazy days, where we prefer to stay inside and just veg out in front of the TV, thinking there will always be time to run or jog at a later time.

This is true whether you are an experienced runner, or a newbie who just wants to lead a more active life.

This article talks about tips on how to stay motivated, how to slowly ease yourself into jogging and running, and how to keep up the dedication to running especially when you are feeling a little bit lazy.

Running for Beginners


If you are new to the world of running or jogging as a fitness routine, always make sure that ease yourself into it. Some make the mistake of going too long and hard, making it seem like a chore that they have to do, and they lose the enthusiasm for it.

Remember that running is not instant – you need to make it clear to yourself that you must start slowly, or run the risk of getting injured.

If you are a bit overweight, start the fitness routine by walking for at least half an hour before slowly easing into a jog. After a week of brisk walks, you can slowly integrate running mixed with a little bit of walking.

Do short periods of running first, such as running for ten minutes and walking and then for fifteen minutes. This will not be as difficult as running for thirty minutes straight – you might lose oxygen and faint.

Remember that your body will eventually adapt through repetition and time. You can add longer time and distance if you allow it – there is no rush. Being too idealistic might lead to abandoning the exercise altogether due to frustration. The body has its own limits.

Motivating Yourself


If you are a regular runner but you feel as if you are becoming unenthusiastic when it comes to your regular runs, fear not. Here are some tips to help get that passion and eagerness back, and all you need are a few tweaks to your running regimen:

  1. Set a date and run with friends. Make running a social event. It may be such that you are feeling a little lonely and just need company to prod you into running. Contact your friends and set certain times and locations on a regular basis so that you will have people to run with, and start to enjoy running again.
  2. Pick a mantra. Feeling a little unmotivated? Choose a mantra to get you going. Mantras are perfect to get you focused on your goal and help you continue on that path. Choose something that’s short enough that you can easily say in your mind, such as “I can do this”, especially when you’re getting sidetracked by something else.
  3. Think about the health benefits. Running is a good way to flush out toxins, as well as improve the blood and oxygen circulation of the body. It is one of the ways to prevent dreaded health diseases, and it is also a great way to relieve stress. It is also one of the preferred methods to lose that extra weight. Going for a run also prevents depression too. If you feel a little blue, you can go out for a run and clear your head. If you’re having difficulty in motivating yourself to go for a run, think about these benefits, and what your life would be like if you didn’t have these benefits.
  4. Write down your progress. You can have a handy notebook, or even a blog. It is actually easier to keep track of your progress through the records, and it can easily show you a pattern of your runs and training. If ever you have an urge to stop running, you can look at the notebook and see how far you have gone, making it a waste if you ever decide to skip or stop right now.
  5. Let people know about your goals. Talk to your family and friends. You can tack up a copy of your training schedule on the fridge, near your bathroom mirror, your work cubicle – anywhere that you can easily see it, so you can find motivation to reach those goals.  Whenever you reach a milestone, do a little healthy celebration with your family and friends. Enter any races or marathons, and display the awards that you receive. It is much easier to be motivated when you see your medals, goals or even completion certificates.
  6. Stay flexible when it comes to your schedule. Sometimes it’s impossible to predict an extra workload or other commitments, so if you miss that day of running, make up for it by going on a run the following day. It is natural to have days like these, so do not get frustrated or worry too much about missing that routine. Take it in stride, and make up for it when you can.
  7. Reward yourself. If you reach a certain milestone, celebrate by buying yourself new workout shoes, getting a whole body massages, or anything that counts as reward – just as long as it does not undo all of your good work, such as binge drinking or overeating on junk food. The treat you receive is the much-needed positive reinforcement that will help you become more motivated to the time you spend on running.
  8. Do not think of running as a chore. Always have fun when you go out on a run. If you feel that running is a chore, it’s hard and you will end up hating it, making it easier for you to skip. So go ahead and steer negative energy into positive one. Think about the benefits of running, why you ought to do it, and think of ways on how to make it “fun”. Negative thinking hinders you from feeling motivated, and will send you on a downward spiral.
  9. Put on your shoes, lace them up, and off you go. Do not think about how long or how far you plan to go or how fast you need to be. Just go out and run – and sometimes it will surprise you that you have already gone a long way and long passed the goals of that week.

Enjoy the run. Don not treat it as a chore.

Stop rationalizing or thinking – just lace your shoes up and hit the road. Have fun!

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