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Raising kids and working out are two of the hardest jobs, but these fitness moms of Instagram make it look easy while looking great.

If you ask any parent which job is harder, working their regular 9 to 5 or raising their kids, most of them will tell you raising their kids.

We’ve all been there at 5 years old when it seemed like our only mission was to drive our parents crazy, and we’re sure that hasn’t changed for this generations toddlers.

Our top fitness moms of Instagram are taking on two challenges: raising their children and working out. It’s already hard finding time to exercise, but these women are making the job seem easy and effortless.

Not only do most of these moms make the time fun for themselves and their children, but they always manage to find amazing ways to incorporate them into the workout.


Followers: 83.8k

This mom takes her fitness to all the adventurous places she goes. When she’s not seen weight training or doing cardio in her backyard, you might find her on a snowy trail or on the edge of a rocky cliff in a yoga pose. Her page features a great variety of workouts for any mom or female ranging from yoga to squats to tire-lifting.


Followers: 92.3k

If you’ve ever been awed at a Cirque Du Soleil show, you’ll love Gasya. This Cirque Du Soleil artist takes her skills and fitness everywhere she goes.

Her and her family can be seen doing grand poses on sandy shores, handstands in the middle of the ocean, and even more at the playground. Happy to show off her family, you’ll find her husband and children helping with a pose or hanging off of her shoulders.


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Followers: 96.8k

It’s rare when you won’t find this fitness trainer and yoga lover in an intricate pose on her page. With an abundance of poses that show off her arm strength and flexibility, we’re still awed when we find her upside posts of her balanced and resting on her head.


Followers: 121k

OurFitFamlyLife might be the most adorable mom and son fitness duo on Instagram. While Julie, the page owner, works out at her home, you’ll often see her son running into the frame and trying to complete the exercise with her. On her page, you’ll find push-ups or squats with her son on her back and arm lifts with him as her weights.


Followers: 130k

When we’re getting started on our fitness journey, a big portion of it is our diet. Sia Cooper, who runs DiaryOfAFitMommyOfficial shows an abundance of exercises as well as healthy but delicious food options.

Transitioning your workout routine from normal to when you’re pregnant can sometimes be a difficult task, but thankfully for all the expecting mothers, many of her workouts are featured while she’s pregnant herself.


Followers: 146k

While most of the moms on this list will have their kids join them for a few workouts, Baby_FitGym is never without her adorable son. Whether they’re training at home, the gym, or the park, this mom and son duo are having fun while staying active.


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Followers: 150k

Nana_Health is the “No Gym” trainer. As clearly shown on her Instagram account, most of her exercises take place at her home alongside her two children. As an online coach, she creates workout guides and meal plans, but we’re glued to her cardio, strength, and resistance training exercises.


Followers: 1.1m

Although yoga is about the mind, it is also about the body, and LauraSykora definitely knows how to use hers. With straight legs, pointed toes, and flexible limbs, she is able to bend her body at her will.

Her page features daring poses, but our favorites are transition poses with her daughter hanging off of her back.


Followers: 2m

AlexaJeanFitness lives a fabulous life and the first taste of it is on her Instagram. With her own website that features 30-day ab, leg, and butt challenges, her body is a testament to her own methods.

This fitness mom is known to take her workouts to the beach or do them right in the living room with her young daughter. Occasionally traveling as a part of her busy lifestyle, she even shows how to take advantage of the items in your hotel room to help with your exercises.

Are you motivated yet? We are! These fitness moms have great techniques, amazing habits, and adorable children, and they’re not letting anything slow them down.

Have these moms convinced you to continue working out or to start back where you left off in your previous exercise routines? Are you planning on adopting any of their methods? Let us know in the comments down below!

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