7 Acai Berry Health Benefits

Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berry is a small purple fruit resembling a black grape. It comes from the acai palm tree, which grows in the Central and South American countries, mainly in the Amazon rainforest.

This pulpy and juicy tiny fruit is loaded with antioxidants and valuable nutrients, which our body requires in order to function properly and maintain good health. In fact, acai berry is considered to be one of nature’s super-foods due to its exceptional chemical composition.

Acai berry health benefits are numerous and it is virtually impossible to name them all in one place. However, listed below are some of the most significant ones.

1. Antioxidant Properties of Acai Berry

Most of the acai berry health benefits are associated with its high antioxidant content.

Acai berry is exceptionally rich in antioxidant compounds known as anthocyanins and polyphenolic flavonoids.

Anthocyanins are responsible for the acai berry purple color and they have incredible antioxidant powers, useful in fighting cardiovascular diseases and cancers. They work together with antioxidant flavonoids to neutralize free radicals and protect our body against numerous diseases and premature aging.

The above mentioned antioxidants can help our body get rid of dangerous toxins, such as pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals, chloroform, industrial pollutants and other chemical substances, which are some of the main causes of many disorders and diseases in the human body.

In fact, some researches have shown that acai berries have a much greater antioxidant capacity than cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, or blueberries.

Eating plenty of acai berries can therefore boost the immune system, protect against free radical damage, prevent premature aging and keep many diseases at bay!

2. Cholesterol and Heart Health

dried acai berries

Acai berry is rich in oleic (omega-9) and linoleic (omega-6) acids.

Both anthocyanins and omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids have shown to have the ability to lower LDL (bad cholesterol level) and increase HDL (good cholesterol level).

The high content of dietary fiber found in acai berries is also helpful in reducing cholesterol levels, for it helps eliminate cholesterol, fat, and toxins from the body.

Acai berry are also a very good source of plant sterols, which work together with omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids to prevent heart diseases, while reducing the risk of blood clot formation and improving blood circulation.

3. Digestive System

Being exceptionally high in dietary fiber, acai berry can help maintain a healthy digestive system.

Acai berries can aid the digestion of foods and enable the proper elimination of waste products from the colon. They can help prevent irritable bowel syndrome and hemorrhoids, and relieve constipation.

4. Immune System and Cancer Prevention

Another great health benefit of acai berries lies in their capacity to strengthen the immune system. The antioxidants found in this tiny fruit have the ability to fight free radicals and defend our bodies against viruses, bacteria and parasites, and thereby prevent many diseases and infections. All this helps the immune system stay strong and work better.

Acai berries are also very rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid, which act synergically with antioxidant anthocyanins and acai berry polyphenols to fight cancers. All these compounds have the ability to reduce cancer cell proliferation and promote tumor cell death.

5. Aging Process and Skin Care

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Regular consumption of acai berries can also help fight premature aging in the body.

In fact, being so rich in antioxidants, acai berries can slow down the aging process and reduce cellular oxidative damage, caused by different internal and external harmful factors, such as UV rays, chemical pollutants, food additives, cigarette smoke and so on.

In other words, acai berries have the capacity to minimize the damage induced by oxidative stress, which has been caused by free radical attacks.

In fact, acai berry oil is contained in many important anti-aging facial and body creams and lotions. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sags, and gives skin a healthier and more youthful glow.

6. Brain Activity

Studies have shown that acai berries have brain boosting effects, again due to their antioxidant compounds, such as anthocyanins and polyphenols. These compounds work in tandem to protect brain cells against damage and slow down age-related cognitive decline.

Consuming acai berries can also help improve memory and concentration, and induce good sleep.

7. Increased Energy and Stamina

Thanks to their high content of valuable nutrients and antioxidants, acai berries have also the ability to boost energy and stamina levels.

They help the body get rid of toxins, reducing in that way fatigue, lethargy and apathy.

They are also rich in carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats, which help keep energy levels high, while improving the overall performance in daily life.

Acai berry is also commonly referred to by natives as “Amazon rainforest Viagra”, as is believed to increase libido and boost sex drive. The reason for this probably lies in increased stamina levels, which accelerate blood circulation and enhance energy flow.

Now, aren’t you curious to give these amazing and tasty little fruits a try? Let us know in the comment section below. We’d love to hear what you think of them!

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