7 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

We are all stressed out. And how could we not be, between work, and home, and everything we have to do on daily basis. But, there is hope - introducing 7 simple ways to reduce stress. Follow these steps and you will feel relaxed.

1. Smile

It can be very hard to smile when you’re nervous, but smiling is a great way to reduce stress. Even though there could be nothing to smile about, if you make yourself smile, after a while you will start feeling better.

Naturally, you will start thinking about things that can make you smile, and by simply doing this, you could for a moment stop thinking about things that stress you out. Works like a charm.

2. Relax and Breathe

Although it sounds stupid when someone tells you to relax when you’re stressed out – trying to relax actually works. When you’re feeling stressed, just try to close your eyes for a moment and breathe in 10 deep breaths. After approximately the fourth breath you will already feel better.

This is not just a psychological feeling. Breathing in higher amounts of oxygen actually relaxes your muscles and you are starting to feel less stressed and more relaxed. This is an instant stress reliever and it can be used at any place at any time.

3. Think Happy Thoughts

Woman Relaxing on a beautiful Beach 3

Thinking happy thoughts is a great way to reduce stress. The greatest thing about it is, that no one needs to know what you’re doing. Whenever you’re feeling stressed out just try to picture yourself doing something you love instead. Think about relaxing on a beach, or kissing your partner, or playing with your children. Think about anything that makes you happy and you will start feeling happy.

4. Think Funny Thoughts

This is also a fantastic way to feel better when you’re stressed out. If someone is making you feel very nervous, and especially if someone annoys you, try picturing them in a clown suit. This will reduce the stress immediately and make you feel a lot better

5. Meditate

We have all heard that meditation is probably the best way to reduce stress. So, try it. You don’t need to memorize any special words, or any special positions, make the meditation your own.

Put on some music that relaxes you, dim the lights, light some scented candles, sit down comfortably and switch off. Try not to think about your job, about the house that needs cleaning; try not to think about anything. Just empty your mind and breathe in the air with a relaxing smell of the scented candle.

Also, try not to move, because every move you make breaks the state of meditation and returns you to the beginning. If it helps, you could also try uttering one single word (it’s usually the “ohm”), because the sound of your voice saying the same word over and over again leads you into the state of total relaxation.

6. Make a Bubble Bath

Woman Making a Bubble Bath

We all love them and we all know how great and relaxing they can be. Had a horrible day at the office? Make yourself a bubble bath when you come home. The warmth of the water will relax your muscles, making you feel better. The smell of the bathing products you use, will sooth you, and if you put on some relaxing music and bring in a glass of wine, you’re in for a real treat.

7. Go for a Walk

Business Woman walking

You know how when you argue with someone, you feel like going out of the house and just walk? Well, walking can greatly reduce your stress levels, so try to walk for at least half an hour every day.

Instead of taking a bus to work, walk to work. If it’s too far, get off the bus a couple of stations earlier and walk the remaining distance. You will breathe in a greater amount of oxygen, which relaxes your muscles.

Also, the fresh air will help you clear your head and wake up properly.

Although our everyday life is really full of stress and situations that lead to it, we can actually do something for ourselves, to feel better. No one can escape stressful situations, but you can certainly learn how to deal with them, which will have great influence on your health and your life.

What do you do to reduce stress?

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