How to Detoxify Your Life in the Next 30 Days

Have you been feeling down lately? Are you feeling sluggish and fatigued? If so, then perhaps you should know how to detoxify your life in the next 30 days (or even the next three days).

We, as modern humans, have become adjusted to certain means of behavior. We love our specialty lattes, we go crazy for our favorite chocolate bar and some of us even need that afternoon cigarette in order to keep from strangling a co-worker.

I know that I probably used to have some of the worst eating habits on the planet. My lack of cooking skills usually found me munching on microwaved pot pies or frozen pizzas, and I could not live without coffee. I used to smoke a pack a day, as well. Since I’ve changed many of my bad habits, I’ve been feeling better than ever and I’ll tell you how to do it, too!

Sometimes, you need to do a detox cleanse in order to get your body feeling better again. There are a number of ways how to detoxify your body, but the basics are going to be universal.

#1 Eliminate The Negative


This is often the hardest step for people, but it’s the most important. you have to stop putting bad things in your body in order to start a detox cleanse. You have to lay off the coffee, quit smoking, stop eating microwaved burritos, and actually give up refined sugars and nasty artificial preservatives (gasp!).

That’s right, the best detox plan is actually getting rid of stuff you don’t need. I know, it’s hard, but you really don’t need that bag of chocolate chip cookies. You also don’t need those potato chips or that donut. Get rid of it.

#2 Eat Right

There are a couple of different views on how to eat right, and I don’t want to confuse you. There are theories on eating right based on your blood type, eating like our pre-homo-erectus ancestors, and eating vegan at all in order to stay all “natural”. I’ll tell you how to cleanse your body, but I can’t stress enough that you have to eat. Food is necessary. It’s making the right choices that’s what matters.

If you eat all natural vegetables, fruits and nuts, then you can’t go wrong. These are the healthiest things you can put in your body. Still, as humans we need more than just vegetables in order to survive, so you have to balance your food intake. Remember the food pyramid we had in school? Stick to it.

#3 Drink Water

Silhouette of young woman drinking water

One of the most important ways how to detox your body is to drink water. Our bodies are made up mostly of water, and it is a necessary part of our survival. We cannot, absolutely cannot, live without water. Remember, no matter what detox method you choose, you have to drink plenty of water to really purify your system (plus, this helps keep away bladder infections).

#4 Exercise

Young woman weight training

When you exercise you sweat, and sweat is basically just impurities and toxins being removed from your body (that’s why they say to sweat out a fever). Exercising not only makes you physically stronger, it also sharpens your mind and gets rid of nasty toxins. This is an absolute must for any best detox plan.

#5 3 Day Cleanse

I’m going to let you in on a simple 3 day cleanse in order to get your started on your permanent detox cleanse. This 3 day cleanse is the beginning point after you’ve given up your nasty habits (above). I know this works, because I’ve tried it. I felt amazing after the three days! Here’s what you do.

Day 1: On the first day you will wake up and have a bottle of water (room temperature so you don’t shock your system) with a squirt of lemon juice and a little cayenne pepper (or a touch of ginger root) added to it. Water is necessary to keep you from dehydrating, and lemon is a great antioxidant. Ginger gives you energy, so it’s highly recommended over cayenne (which is another antioxidant).

  • For breakfast, make yourself a smoothie using kale, celery, and a cucumber. yes, it looks like slime, but it’s super healthy and it will make you feel great!
  • For lunch, you get to snack on celery and carrots dipped in hummus (home made from chickpeas and lemon juice and lots of garlic only). You can also have almonds.
  • For dinner, make a quick tomato soup with fresh garlic. Garlic is a powerful herb that is healthy and detoxifying. You should have garlic everyday in at least one of your meals (I still add it to something each day).

Day 2: Day two will be almost the same as day one. You will have your water in the morning, your celery and kale smoothie for breakfast, and however much celery and carrots and hummus you want to snack on. You also get to drink apple juice or prune juice. In fact, you should drink about half a gallon of a mixture of these juices. Make sure they’re pure, unsweetened juices as well. Even the best detox plan revolves around ridding your body of the old (which means you’re going to want to call off work because you’ll spend a lot of time in the bathroom while you’re on this detox cleanse). For dinner, you can have vegetarian sushi.

Day 3: Once again you get lemon water, your kale and celery smoothie, and celery and carrots with hummus, but for dinner you get to have a salad of diced tomatoes with cucumber and parsley, and lemon juice and garlic.

During these three days, it is imperative you drink at least six 12 ounce bottles of water each day. Also, watch out for headaches, if you get severe headaches, eat something. Don’t try to starve yourself. Your body will use the water to flush out toxins while your put in the necessary nutrients from the food choices you make.

After the Detox

Many people will tell you how to detox your body, or how to cleanse your body, but few will tell you what to do after the detox. After your detox you need to keep up a healthy eating regime. Make sure to lay off processed and fatty foods. Eat raw vegetables and fruits instead of salty or sugary snacks, and drink plenty of water. If you’re a meat eater, that’s actually healthy. You can still eat meat (and you should, our bodies actually need meat), but make sure you’re taking in red meat sparingly, and try to eat more fish or chicken (cooked healthy, of course). Even if you don’t use the 3 day cleanse, simply eliminating the bad and bringing in the could can help you detoxify your life in the next thirty days.

So, what bad eating habits are you going to change?

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