Interview With Jessica Cox: A Passionate Foodie and Nutritionist

We sat down with a passionate foodie, a business woman and a qualified nutritionist Jessica Cox for a quick chat, and we were immediately amazed by her. Jessica can turn your life around with simple food changes.

Jessica Cox is a passionate foodie, qualified nutritionist and a business owner running a Nutritional Clinic in Brisbane, Queensland. Alongside the clinic, she runs the Jessica Cox website and blog, which is an expression of everything she loves rolled into one, including photography. She even studied for the Bachelor of Visual Arts (Photomedia) in her younger years.

Within Jessica’s nutritional clinic she treats all different kinds of conditions, though she predominately treats clients with ongoing digestive issues and food intolerances. This passionate foodie has a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition) and has been running her practice for eight years.

YQ: When and how did your passion for food start?

Jessica: I was brought up on an organic, strongly self-sufficient farm in Country Victoria, where I was naturally surrounded by homemade produce and country style cooking. My mother is a passionate cook and baker, so we were always around cooking and the smell of beautiful baked goods coming from the oven.

I think that when you are immersed in a world that is passionate about food from a young age, that it is only a natural progression to have a love of food run inherently through your blood.

healthy breakfast

YQ: What interests you most about health and nutrition?

Jessica: For me it’s the power of food (that being nutrition) and its ability to change our health. We literally are what we eat, so when we eat foods that are not right for us, our bodies become sickly and scream at us with outwardly symptoms for change. Conversely, when we eat nutritiously for our own individual needs, our bodies can shine with vibrancy and health.

YQ: What are your favorite parts of your job? What do you like least?

Jessica: My favorite part of my job without question is seeing clients turn their life around with food changes. To see someone go from a place of pain, fatigue and low self-esteem to happiness and vibrancy is continuously rewarding. I also adore seeing my clients learn about healthy eating, not only being empowered by it, but also being excited by how delicious it can be!

I don’t think there is anything I don’t like as such about my job, but there are certainly tough challenges. Over the years I have developed very strong bonds with clients with gravely ill health, and losing them along the way is heart-breaking. But having the opportunity to have such people in my life has been so enriching. I would never change it.

Jessica Cox and healthy recipe

YQ: What is the most common nutrition myth?

Jessica: There are so many! Probably the one that drives me bonkers the most is that carbs are bad. Carbohydrates are an important macronutrient, and eliminating fundamental macronutrients from our dietary intake is just asking for trouble. We need to make peace with carbohydrates and start fuelling our bodies with the right carb sources that suit our needs.

YQ: What is the number-one mistake most people make when trying to diet?

Jessica: Cutting out carbs! It may work short term, but generally, it causes fatigue, constipation and sugar cravings resulting in binge eating and rebound weight gain.

carrot cake chia pudding by Jessica Cox

YQ: What has proven to be the best motive for people to start changing their bad nutrition habits and turn over a new leaf?

Jessica: From my experience, ill health or feeling unwell enough, for long enough, motivates people to make changes, rather than the prospect of feeling incessantly unwell! As a culture we generally don’t make changes with our dietary intake unless we are faced with a problem. I think this mindset is starting to change, however, and there is a movement pushing strongly towards the realization that prevention is the best cure.

YQ: What is the one thing people can eat or drink every day to help rid the body of toxins?

Jessica: I’d love to tell you that there is one thing that will do this on its own, but it’s really not the case. It is more a fact of a well-balanced intake of nutritious food that will work wonders. As a food group, I would say cruciferous vegetables are useful for aiding liver detoxification pathways and also hormone clearance, which is important for many women.

YQ: What is your favorite healthy snack?

Jessica: Eeek! Just one?? Okay. At the moment it is coconut and vanilla chia pudding with seasonal blueberries and peanut paste. I also can’t get enough of these homemade choc chip malt cookies!

choc chip malt cookies by Jessica Cox

YQ: You say, on your blog, that you are a tahini addict. What’s so special about it? And can you share your favorite tahini recipe with us?

Jessica: First and foremost, for me it’s about taste. That’s what is so special about it…it tastes like liquid gold! Tahini is also super high in calcium and a fabulous source of plant based essential fats and amino acids. You can read more about the health benefits of tahini and how to make tahini on my blog. My favorite tahini recipe would be my carrot cake chia puddings topped with tahini, or as a dressing like in my tomato, almond and potato salad.

chicken and vegetables by Jessica Cox

YQ: What other advice do you have to help our readers live a healthier life?

Jessica: First and foremost, listen to your body and find what works best for you. Don’t follow fads just because they are cool or your best friend is doing one. If you are unsure of what works best for you, then seek the help of a qualified professional. Invest in your health short term and reap the benefits long term.

On a daily basis, fill your diet with wholefoods that do not come from packages. It doesn’t have to be fancy and the latest superfood fad, just simple whole food vegetables, fruits, grains, pulses and proteins that sit well with you.

Lastly, but certainly not least, put 10 minutes of your day aside, whether it is morning or the evening, to prepare your food for the day ahead. Those 10 minutes can really turn your life around.

Jessica is an accredited and practicing Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition). Jessica is available for consultations in her clinic based in Brisbane, Australia. Jessica also offers Skype and phone consultations interstate and globally.

Contact Jessica with any queries or questions at or for more information check out her website Receive great food ideas and inspiration by following Jessica on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.