How to Ask for a Raise – 3 Tips

In this economic situation there are lots of people who have lost their jobs, and you feel that asking for a raise is out of the question, because of the lack of money in the company, right? Well, although this is true, it doesn’t need to affect you or your salary, especially if you’re a real contributor to the work community.

First of all, let’s get some facts straight. If you have all these boxes checked you’re eligible for a pay rise, even in this weak economy.

  • Your contribution to the company is legit and people notice that you get your job very well done.
  • You always submit your work in time and boss is well aware of that.
  • Your professional value is visible and you could work in other companies if you wanted to as well.

Do Not Ask for a Pay Rise if:

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  • Obviously, you shouldn’t ask for a pay rise if your company is soon going to bankruptcy.
  • You shouldn’t ask for a pay rise if you had one last month.
  • And most certainly do not ask for a pay rise just because your friend from another department just got it.

If this is your case, then let’s see what you can do today to make them give you a higher pay!

  1. You have to be ready for the interview with a boss. Come 15 minutes earlier with a smile and be relaxed and self confident. You know you deserve your pay raise, now go and make him see that also.
  2. Remember all those projects in which you took a part, thus making the business revenue of the company increase substantially. Be ready to mention them.
  3. Talk with your friends on similar positions in other companies and then compare how competitive your salary is in the first place.
  4. Do mention that you feel that you really deserve more money and that even though you respect the company you work for, you might be tempted to look somewhere else, where they could appreciate and award you more. Do this only if you really have that extra something, whether it is a skill, practical knowledge or anything that make you stand out of the crowd.
  5. Do this when your boss is in the office, busy, but not flooded with work and pay attention to his body language to guess how he feels about the subject, so you could modify your presentation along the way if you see that he’s not responding to it that well.

These are some of the main tips that will help you get that pay rise you were dreaming about for so long. Despite the fact that the situation of the economy is affecting us all, never underestimate yourself and remember that you are of great value to your company and that you deserve to be treated like that. This is your job, your life and you have the power to make what you want out of it!


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  • “now go and make him see that also”

    This is a site for smart WOMEN! Suggesting that someone’s boss is a man is discouraging. Most of my bosses have been women. I think AVOIDING language that puts men, or perhaps any certain gender in general, in a position of power may be a good idea. Thanks and great article overall. Women empowerment!