How to Have the Best Fun in the City this Summer

You are staying in the city with no vacation time this summer? You feel like you are left alone on a deserted island? Oh, no, do not despair! It’s time to put on those pink shades, and take a good look at the world around you.

Well, due to work obligations, self-imposed budget restrictions, friends having kids, or getting married, and going on their honeymoons, I was left without holiday plans this year, too. But you know what? Summer is the best time of the year. Days are long, the light is magnificent, food is fresh and tasty, and there are many, many watermelons to be eaten.

And I’ve been waiting patiently for it to arrive, so no way that I would let my favorite time of the year go to waste. So, with a little help from friends, and a few inexpensive props, the fun starts right now!

1. Beauty Salon Day

My two friends stopped by the other day. One is a hairstylist and a nail art whiz, the other one loves make up and knows the best homemade face masks, and I’m a magician at making braids. So we set down with lemonade and ice tea, we put on some great music and the magic happened.

I got the most beautiful manicure and the most refreshing facial. My other friend got a fresh new cut. And I invented two brand new braid hairstyles (ok, I found them on Youtube). We were sitting together for hours, lemonades in hands, with green faces and rollers in hair, and we had the best time.

So, all you need for STEP 1, for great fun in the city this summer, are a couple of friends, good music, lemonade and ice tea, some beauty supplies, some imagination and good mood.

2. Pool Party

Pool Party

Sounds easy, right? Oh, you don’t have a pool? Neither do I. Oh, wait, I do, actually. I bought it for a couple of bucks at the super market. Yes, it’s a kiddy pool, but who cares!

So, the other day I invited a few people to my pool party. I prepared some fresh fruit, and cold drinks with straws and little umbrellas, and a lot of ice cream, and of course music. Guests brought two more kiddy pools and water guns.

We were relaxing in our bathing suits by the pools, our feet in the water, with refreshing drinks in our hands, and we had ice cream. From time to time there would be a water gun fight, then a dancing session and then relaxing-by-the-pools session again. And all that, until late at night. And the next pool party is already scheduled.

So, all you need for STEP 2, for great fun in the city this summer, is a kiddy pool (well, the real one could also serve the purpose), music, food and drinks, and a lot of ice cream, arsenal of water powered weapons and the party is on!

3. Waking up

Woman lying in bed turning off an alarm clock in the morning at 7am

In the end it’s time to wind down. At least one morning this summer, you have to wake up very, very early. Trust me it’s the magic time, and you can only really experience it in summer.

Temperatures are cooler, the shadows are long and the light is beautiful, so if you like photography, this is the time to get the best pictures. And you will experience your city in a completely different attire, empty and clean, without the noise and the crowd. Strolling around with a cup of coffee, you might notice things you’ve never noticed before, even in the places you see every day.

So, finally, all you need for STEP 3, for great fun in the city this summer, is a good alarm clock and (optionally) good company.

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