How to Measure Yourself for a Bra

Men like cups. You know, like World Cups, fruit cups, and, of course, C Cups. And, let’s be honest, so do women. Unfortunately, over eighty percent of women wear wrong bra sizes. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it’s also very unhealthy.

Most women do that either because a slightly bigger bra makes the breasts look, well, slightly bigger, or out of simple ignorance. But, ladies, a properly fitting bra can actually flatter your figure, and boost your confidence. Here comes the tricky part – how to measure yourself for a bra?

Step One – Band Size

Woman measuring breast band size with yellow measuring tape on room

Put the tape measure just bellow the breasts, holding it even to the ground. Exhale. This will show you the precise measurement that doesn’t contain the air inside your lungs. Memorize or write down the measurement, cause here’s the catch – if the measurement is an even number, add four inches, and if it’s not add five. This number is your band size.

Step Two – Bra Size

woman in bra

The Breast size uses these two sizes, the initial band size, and the „plus four or five“inches band size. Take the difference between these two sizes, and add them to your final band size. This number is your breast size, and every number between the two sizes represents one Cup.

Step Three – The Cups

collection of bras

Ok, first things first. Not all breast Cup sizes are the same. In Europe they go alphabetically, from A to G. In the US, however, the measurements are – A, B, C, D, and after that DD, DDD, DDDD, (also known as G, F, or, in some cases FF). Obviously this is not nuclear physics, but, there are some very popular, and also very wrong ideas about breast cups that you should know about.

Breast size is used to measure the volume of the breast, but it is not carved in stone. Be aware that your breast size will change along with changes in weight, or because of your period. During your period it might be best to avoid buying bras altogether, because the swelling will interfere with the measurements.

Also, resist the temptation of buying bigger bras for the sake of looks. They will not provide the support you need and may speed up the sagging process. Bigger bras tend to make outlines beneath the clothing, and can look really messy. Smaller bras, on the other hand, may cause pain, especially during your period, and the tightness can irritate the skin, or more importantly, the lymph nodes bellow the armpit.

So, ladies, now that you have learned how to measure yourself for a bra, apply it and enjoy the right dimension, of your third dimension.

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