How to Put Babies to Sleep in 3 Simple Steps

Every new mother is struggling with putting her baby to sleep. Babies can be really cranky and you sometimes need so much time to make them sleep. Here are some tricks that can help you – learn how to put your baby to sleep in 3 simple steps.

1. Keep Your Baby Active

In order to have an easier job with putting your baby to sleep, you need to keep your baby active between sleeps. Don’t let the baby just sit around doing nothing. Occupy it both physically and psychologically and there will be no more sleeping problems.

Depending on your baby’s age there are lots of different things you could do. You can always play with your baby, or let it crawl on the floor. Whatever you choose to do, the point is to let your baby tire a bit, in order to sleep well.

If you achieve this, you usually wouldn’t even need to do anything special to put your baby to sleep – it will fall asleep on its own really fast.

2. Don’t Do Anything Special

Mother playing with her baby

Lots of parents make the same mistake when it comes to putting their babies to sleep – they overdo everything. In order to teach your baby to sleep on its own, avoid doing this.

Don’t rock the baby, don’t ride it around the house in the stroller, don’t do anything out of the order. My grandma always says how my sister was a really tough baby because she would rock her for like half an hour and as soon as she would put her to sleep, she would immediately wake up. On the other hand, I was simply put into the cradle and I would turn my head and fall asleep.

When you rock the baby, you get it to sleep in a certain motion. As soon as that motion stops, the baby wakes up. It’s the same as when you fall asleep in a car. As soon as the car stops, you wake up, because there is no more motion that made you sleep in the first place.

3. Lullabies and Music

If you have a really tough baby that really doesn’t want to go to sleep unless you do something, choose singing a lullaby or playing some soothing music.

Music is even better than singing, because you can leave it on while the baby sleeps and decrease the chances of the baby waking up once the music stops. There are lots of music toys that can be hung above the cradle and help your baby fall asleep.

The best are the ones that combine music with some kind of light show – like stars and moon that appear on the ceiling. Play this to your baby and watch how the eyes of your little angel are closing and the baby is drifting off to the land of dreams.

Which one of these works best for your baby?


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