5 Ways to Quickly Stop Facebook Addiction

Heroin, coffee, cigarettes, gambling... Now we can add Facebook to the list of well-known addictions. You’ve noticed that you check your notifications in the bathroom, ditch your friends to chat with people you hardly know, or get annoyed if there are only few likes on your photo or status update.

Facebook is controlling your life, and you are a true addict of “the social network”. But, how to quickly stop Facebook addiction? There is no quick-fix solution – but these steps might help solve the problem.

1. Think About It

First of all, be honest and count how many hours you spend using Facebook. Write it down. In the following lines, write down all the damaging effects of Facebook. Carry that list around – and read it every time before you log in.

Then, if you still choose to log in, after spending a certain amount of time on Facebook, write down the things you saw, liked or were disgusted by.

2. Next Day

Promise yourself a day without FB. Remember writing down the amount of time you spend logged in? Spend it doing something else – painting, watching movies or having sex. Compare the two days – which one was better? The day you had sex for 3 hours or the day you liked somebody’s posts for 3 hours?

Decide whether you still think you’re addicted to Facebook, or it affects your life in a high degree and you want to quit. Delete your account now.

3. Going Cold Turkey

Unplug the Internet for 7 days if possible. Read your little list every time you fell the need to use FB. Decide whether it’s worth it. Make sure those 7 days are filled with plans and activities. Make sure you’re having fun.

4. The Root of the Problem

unplugging a plug

Think about the reason of your addiction. Do you like the approval stamp on your personality called “LIKE”? Do you need to show other people how fabulous your life is, or how beautiful you are? You know, Guy Richie once said:

There is something about yourself that you don’t know. Something you will say doesn’t even exist until it’s too late to do anything about it. The only reason you get up in the morning, the only reason you suffer the shitty boss, the blood, sweat, and the tears, is because you want everyone to know how good, attractive, generous, funny, wild, and clever you really are.

Fear or love me but please think I ‘m special. We share an addiction.  We are approval junkies. We are all in it for the slap on the back and the golden watch, because we are just monkeys wrapped in suits begging for the approval of others. If we knew this, we wouldn’t do it, and if you get a second chance you would ask: why?’’

Do you have a self-esteem problem that you’re actually venting through Facebook? The need of approval is a common thing, but try finding healthier, more rewarding ways to vent it. Try competitive sports or try getting evaluation at work. Facebook is not real – it projects a surreal image of you and your friends. It should be renamed to “FaKebook”.

5. We Hope You Won’t Log in Again

After seven days of cold turkey, think about the real importance of FB. Do you really need it that bad? In what way does it affect your life? What good use does it have? Do you still see yourself as a FB addict?

Log in? Or log out for good?

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