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Fun Challenges to Do at Home: 13 Ways to Find Your Inspiration

If you’re looking for some fun challenges to do at home instead of watching television, here are some inspirational activities that will stimulate your creativity.

Your home can be an adventure zone and not just a place to sleep, so get ready to get funky as you explore the farthest reaches of your mind and body. In order to keep our minds sharp and our bodies healthy, we must constantly be learning new things, even when we are no longer in school.

Here are some fun challenges to do at home which will help you get out of your routine and stimulate your senses. Remember, you might find them difficult at first, but the more you challenge yourself, the easier those things become. You may find a really great new hobby or even a new career path through these activities!

1. Learn a new language


Learning a new language flexes your brain muscles and can be really fun. Honestly, it’s something you either do at home or in a classroom, and if you don’t want to go out and spend money, this is a very productive use of your time.

You never know what job opportunities might open up for you if you learn a new language. Also, imagine how many more people you’ll be able to connect with if you can speak their language. If you’re interested in traveling to a country where they don’t speak English, you could learn the language first at home and then plan a trip there!

2. Dance videos


Maybe it’s raining out and you’re bored at home? If you find that you are a very serious person and you need to lighten up, I always recommend challenging yourself with a fun hip hop or dance video. You will get a really great workout, you will laugh at yourself, and you may find a new passion.

Dancing has been used in many cultures to keep people healthy and happy, and let’s face it, we sit way too much. Our bodies are meant to dance and move, not to be stagnant. Dancing can stimulate your creativity by releasing the energy in your spine and it can help you find that extra bit of motivation to meet someone if you’ve been a little shy as of late.

Dancing helps us get into our bodies and out of our heads. If you’re feeling down, dance it out! Remember, it’s ok to be goofy and try new things, and it helps us not to take ourselves too seriously.

3. Vision board

vision board

If you’ve never heard of a vision board, it is basically a collage of pictures that inspire you to go after the things you want in life. Maybe it’s a type of guy or a new job or home. You can browse through magazines or print pictures from the internet and put them together on a cork board. You can also invite your friends over for a vision board making party.

This is an effective and inspiring tool to help you focus on what direction you want your life to go. Often we forget to ask ourselves what it is that we really want and this will help us clarify our intentions.

4. Meditation


This can help you reduce stress and overcome many emotional challenges. Maybe you’re having trouble dealing with someone in your life or trying to make a tough decision. Meditation can help you gain clarity.

It’s ok if you don’t know how to meditate; there are plenty of free guided meditations available on YouTube. You will get better at sitting still after a few weeks. It’s really important to be able to clear your mind so your mind can relax and your nervous system can relax.

5. Paint or draw


Art can be a form of meditation and can be very therapeutic. Don’t let your mind tell you you’re not good at it. Art is about expression, not about exact replication. Don’t worry about what it looks like, just focus on the feeling you are trying to convey. You can make it as a gift for someone or just use it to relax.

Often when our hands are busy, our creative mind is able to open up and help us see things in our lives in a new way that can help us solve problems or overcome blocks. Opening up to your creativity is the best way to see your potential and realize you are capable of so much!

6. Handstands against the wall


Why would you want to learn handstands? Well, they help your brain function better, they improve your complexion and they build strength and confidence. You will probably be slightly nervous at first because you don’t want to hurt yourself, so just work in stages.

You don’t have to kick up into the handstand right away, just work towards it and your body will build strength and muscle memory that will get you there. After a while, your wrists and hands will be stronger so it won’t hurt.

Make sure you do it in a space where you won’t kick anything, and be careful you don’t step on your pets! Going upside down can actually be very energizing and fun, so don’t be afraid, start practicing those handstands!

7. Build with power tools


The more you can do on your own, the more empowered you will be. When you want to fix something, knowing how to use tools can be very helpful. Strong and independent women should be comfortable being handy and shouldn’t feel like a dainty princess when it comes to doing things around the house.

When things get real and you need to know how to fix something, you don’t want to have to rely on a man to use a power tool. Using a power drill can help you out with assembling furniture, hanging things on the walls and fixing things in your home.

Using a level and a saw can also be very helpful, but just make sure you are careful when you’re first learning and have someone show you.

These skills you can start learning will help you out down the road, make you really fierce, and save you money.

8. Start writing


Writing can help you in many ways and it can help other people. Maybe you’ve been through something in your life that you feel other people could benefit from hearing about. Maybe you want to get your thoughts out of your head or maybe you want to try writing fiction. Writing uses a part of your brain that will develop the more you use it.

At first, it may be hard and you may be very critical of your writing, but try to just let it flow and don’t worry about it being perfect. You’ll get more used to it as you do it and you can always go back and edit. If you’re trying to find inspiration, browse the bookstore and see what you’re interested in.

Often writing a book or a play can help us learn about ourselves in the process. For me, I realized that I had trouble finishing things and I was impatient, because when I wrote my first screenplay, I didn’t study the format guidelines first and it was totally confusing.

The next screenplay I wrote was a little better because I read about how to do it and I learned how to be patient in big projects and not to think I know everything!

9. Spoon bending


Spoon what? There are people who lead motivational workshops that include this exercise. While I personally have never been able to do it, I’m still keeping an open mind that it’s possible. I’ve met people that have done it, and I do believe it’s possible because I’ve seen many videos of it.

This is definitely using a different part of the brain and requires a very open mind. Did you know that people have spoon bending parties and the point is to realize how powerful the mind is and that we are able to steer the direction of our lives by using our positive energy.

It’s not an exact science, that’s for sure, but I know that positive energy attracts more positive experiences without a doubt!

10. Experiment with raw food


Head over to your local health food store and see if they offer a raw food recipe book. You can also find them at book stores. If you want, you can also look up raw food recipes online. You will find many delicious options like raw raspberry cashew cheesecake and raw tacos.

Maybe once you get a few dishes down, you can host a raw food party and introduce your friends to this type of food preparation. The nutrient density can help you in so many ways, whether it’s reducing your hunger cravings or improving your complexion.

Raw food helps you stabilize your emotions and helps your brain function better. There are plenty of YouTube videos that will show you how to make things too!

11. Find a cause to get involved with


All too often we are caught up with our own personal problems and lose sight of how we have it made. We have food and we can choose where we want to work. We have a bed and warm water to bathe in. This is something many people must fight for, and if you want to get involved with a cause, you can do the research at home to find something that you want to contribute some of your energy to.

Maybe you want to help a local animal shelter, a homeless shelter, a human trafficking non-profit or a human rights awareness group. Some organizations you can check out include The Sierra Club, The World Wildlife Foundation, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, The Red Cross, UNICEF and The Nature Conservancy.

Real women care about helping with world problems and are willing to fight for justice. We need to stay connected to our human family and reach out to help people. It’s very depressing to only be concerned about our own happiness.

12. Find a woman to reach out to that needs some support


As we start making good decisions, we start to set an example for other women that need someone to lead them in a positive direction.

You can reach out to other girls or women who may be struggling with something and offer them your support. It’s not always easy to see how to get yourself out of an unhealthy relationship or a job you hate, and if you want to help your friend out of a tough situation, that can be a very great gift to give someone.

Often they feel scared or they don’t see change as an option. Being a solid anchor for someone who is feeling unstable is a very good use of your time and more of us need to look for ways to reach out and show other women love in this way.

Instead of thinking about our makeup and our hair, we need to think about being real with each other, offering our support and speaking about real stuff that matters. You know I don’t sugar coat!

13. Slow down and relax


Here’s a final challenge that can be harder than you think. We are often so over stimulated that our body’s nervous system gets put on overload. Life can get very hectic very fast, and we often don’t realize when we are putting ourselves into a tizzy.

Slowing down and doing less is a way to get your personal power back on track and gain mental clarity. It’s not only that, it can help us women to balance our hormones too. When we are stressed and giving ourselves too much to do, it can really mess with our health. So try lying on the floor, listening to relaxing music, lighting some candles; just lounge and observe your surroundings.

It’s okay to not do anything, and it can really help you find balance. Just breathe and see if you can feel the tension melting away from your body.

A bubble bath is a great way to decompress too, and you’ll be surprised how much slowing down your body will also help your mind slow down as well. It’s not fun to have our thoughts racing around (energy drinks make it worse) and it can create a lot of anxiety, so challenge yourself to chill out, beautiful lady!

Hopefully, you now have some ideas that will get you inspired at home. Maybe this list sparked your creativity and you thought of something else. Remember that life is meant to be interesting, challenging and fun! When we are always a student in some way, we will always have something to work towards and have ways to grow.

I would love to hear how these things worked for you, so post comments below and come back soon for more fun and empowering advice from all of us here on YouQueen.

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