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How to Make Friends in a New City: 20 Fun Things to Do

how to make friends in a new city
Moving to a new city is exciting, especially because you get to meet new and interesting people. If you’re wondering how to make friends in a new city, here are fun things to do to start finding the people you click with.

Whether you got a new job or just wanted a change of scenery, living in a new city is exhilarating, and to add to that, you can use the activities we’ll suggest to connect to your new community. If you really want to enjoy your new experience, connecting with people will be crucial, so we decided to teach you how to make friends in a new city.

Relationships of all kinds are what makes us tick, and having a strong group of friends can really help you feel supported and excited about your new adventure. So don’t let yourself feel isolated in your new city, get out there and bring on the fun! Don’t put pressure on yourself to meet people too quickly; it takes time to meet people you will really bond with.


Try to have a relaxed attitude when you’re out meeting new people. Don’t have expectations and remember not to talk about yourself all the time. It’s better if you ask people questions so you can get to know them!

1. Educational seminars

There are plenty of interesting and intellectually stimulating seminars that you can choose from to peak your interest. Whether it’s art, history, culture, environment, motivation or health, you will find subjects you are interested in and in the process of going to these events, you’ll bump into people with the same likes as you.

My advice is to choose seminars you actually want to attend and that you feel would add value to your life. Look at museums, community centers, yoga studios, and universities for speakers that tickle your fancy.


2. Art gallery events

Art galleries always attract a fun and intellectual group of people. Most galleries host interesting events for nonprofits or events where you can meet the local artists. Find a fun outfit and don’t worry about going by yourself, you’ll have plenty to look at, and many people attend these events by themselves.

3. Yoga workshops

In each city, there are a slew of yoga studios, each with their own vibe and culture. You can browse their websites to see what fun workshops they are holding, and this can be a great way to meet healthy people in your local community. You may find a studio that you want to become a member of too.

Often you will find workshops about cleansing, becoming your best self, learning new yoga poses or meditation. While you expand your mind, you will also be able to expand your social network and make some positive connections.


4. Festivals

Most cities hold many different types of festivals, such as food festivals, wine festivals, seasonal festivals and music festivals. You can usually find out about them on your city’s website or by searching for them online. The internet makes it very easy to find fun local events that you will actually be interested in. Personally, I love yoga festivals, green festivals and art festivals!

5. Conventions

Both conferences and conventions can be a really easy way to meet interesting people in your city. There will be vendors that are ready to chat it up as well as foods to sample. They will usually have keynote speakers and you’ll be able to learn lots of interesting things.

You can also learn about local companies that offer foods or products you’re into as well. Conventions often allow you to meet a lot of people at once, so bring your business cards!


6. Meetups offers many activities that will get you out and meeting people in your area. You don’t have to spend a fortune and you can choose from all kinds of different activities. There are meetups for everything you can do under the sun, and this social resource will help you get out of your shell.

It’s not always comfortable to meet people by going to a bar by yourself, and you may not have anything in common with the people you do meet. This tool is a no brainer!

7. Book clubs

If you are looking for a good way to spend your spare time, why not stimulate your brain and get into a book club? You don’t have to stay in it for any period of time, but book clubs will help you expand your thinking and you can meet all different types of people there. The cool thing about cities is that you’re able to meet people with different perspectives from all over the world.

8. Dance studios


Since this is a structured environment, you will be able to meet people without needing to bring someone with you. You won’t feel awkward even if you don’t know anyone because many people go alone to dance classes. You may want to try out different kinds of dance lessons, like hip hop, salsa or ballet.

9. Community center events

If you like to be involved in your local community, and you’re a person that likes to keep busy, you could go to a local community center that will offer you a multitude of events and ways to get involved with clothing drives, classes and town meetings. You will have no shortage of things to choose from.

10. Non-profit events

If you like to give back to your community in your spare time, a great way to meet nice people is by attending fundraisers and benefits. You can attend these events on your own and you will always find nice people to talk to. The non-profit community is full of friendly people who will help you learn about the city and help you get involved with truly meaningful causes.

11. Networking events

Business networking events are fun, and you can not only make good contacts for work, but you can also make friends. If you just search online for networking events in your city, you will have more than enough to fill your schedule. Dress to impress and bring your business cards.


12. Community college classes

Consider enrolling in a community college class to gain some new skills and continue your education. You’ll have fun options like theatre, woodworking, ceramics, playwriting, graphic design or internet marketing.

Maybe you’d like to build a business on the side, and a community college class could help you gain the skills to do that. It’s always more fun to learn in person than from a book!

13. Farmer’s markets

See what weekly farmer’s markets are in your area, and you’ll be able to support local growers and learn about the seasonal options. You can meet interesting people and you will usually save a ton on groceries!


14. The theater

The smaller local theater venues will often cast local members, and their family and friends will come out to support them. It’s so fun to get involved in your local arts community and you will always find someone who is ready to keep it real and talk about important issues in society, which I always love.

15. Local music venues

Check out some smaller local music venues. While you may feel lost in a big concert crowd, more intimate music venues can be so much fun. You’ll get to know your city, and people you meet will introduce you to other people that love music or recommend other venues you might like.


16. Club sports

You may want to join a local soccer league, softball or running club. Usually people will get together after practices or games, and it’s a great way to not only stay active, but stay social! You don’t have to be best friends with these people, but it sure beats hanging out by yourself at home.

17. Rock climbing gyms

Even if you have no upper body strength, rock climbing gyms are fun, and you will meet nice people there. Usually rock climbers are down to earth and health conscious. Many of them are very intelligent and hard working as rock climbing is an extremely challenging sport. Give it a try! Look on groupon for good deals too.


18. Invite someone to meet for happy hour

If you meet someone you seem to click with (girl or guy), you can always invite them to a casual happy hour just to chat and maybe meet some other nice locals. Check out the local bars in your neighborhood, and you’ll find your favorite hangout spots.

19. Become a volunteer

Volunteering will enrich your life and will put you in the company of kind hearted people. It’s so valuable to give back to the community and this is one of the best ways to meet solid people when you first move to a new city. Just search for local nonprofits and message them about volunteer opportunities.


20. Parties and premieres

Finally, there will be parties and premieres that allow you to dress up and feel glamorous. It’s ok to go to events alone, you’ll always meet people, and it will help you feel more independent. Award shows, game shows, film screenings and holiday parties will be a fun way to experience life in your new city!

Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities, and you’ll meet people in no time. A little effort goes a long way! You can make lifelong friends that will change your life, so don’t be shy, get out there and mingle.

If you have other great ideas, please share them below, and don’t forget to come back for more fun ideas here on YouQueen.

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