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How To Stop Being Self-Conscious

Being self-conscious is an issue that has been plaguing women since the beginning of time. With these tips, you’ll regain your confidence and put an end to this issue.

Ladies, why are we so hard on ourselves? Why are we so critical? No matter the source of your insecurity—whether it’s from social media, people’s comments or clothing sizes—your insecurities can vanish.

It would seem that being critical of ourselves is learned right from the start. To look at yourself in the mirror and hate what you see, or to be walking in an outfit and realize it’s so unflattering is not a good way to live life.

What’s worse are the advertisements, models, store sizes and people who feed these insecurities.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, you can easily change this. Now, I’m sure you’re thinking how or where do I sign up. Well, there’s no need to sign up.

This isn’t a miracle drug or some retreat that sends you to an Amazonian island. This is you: it all comes down to you. Here’s how not to be critical or self conscious.

How to stop being self conscious about your body

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First thing in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror while wearing your chosen outfit for the day. Unlike the fairy tale, you aren’t going to ask how you look; you’re going to stand in front of the mirror and say at least five things you like about yourself.

In order for this to work better and to have results quicker, try not to repeat the same thoughts every day. If it is a day you’re going on a date or a girls’ night out, you might want to do this not only in the morning, but also later on in the outfit you’ll be wearing that night.

The key for this to be effective and to work is to stand in front of the mirror for a while, really think and enforce the positive thoughts. Do not encourage or even think of anything remotely negative; if you do, push it out of your head right away.

Self conscious disorder and negativity

Ignoring negativity is also key. Negative influences could be people and rude comments that make you feel horrible even for no reason. If this is the case, you need to tune them out.

Remember your five points from earlier and, in a way, make a mantra of the five points. However, one of the most negative influences most people don’t even notice is themselves when they see an ad on media.

Most women or even young girls who see these ads beat themselves up for not looking like the model. To them, the model is what society and men deem as attractive.

Seeing these ads shouldn’t create a strong enough influence where we start to think why we are not skinny, pretty, toned or lean enough. Now, being overweight is not healthy, and if that’s the case, then exercise and food changes are important.

However, in most scenarios, it’s important not to change yourself. The models in these ads are not only photoshopped, but could also easily be unhealthy.

The key to tuning out negativity is to learn to love yourself and be confident instead of beating yourself up over what you don’t look like. By doing this, you’ll wake up one day and all negativity will be gone and you will have officially tuned it out.

Self consciousness vs self awareness

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If you’re going to change yourself for other people or to go with what is socially trending, then don’t. This can be unhealthy, and will also make you less confident.

The best way to change is to change for what you truly want. This is not only healthy, but will satisfy and boost your confidence as it goes with what your ideal image of yourself is, not the ideal image others or the media has placed on you. This will also help you to remain confident.

How to stop being self conscious and shy

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This is crucial. If you are not confident or do not work on building your confidence, then every time someone makes a comment or you see something that brings you down, you’ll believe it and fall into that rut of not liking what you see.

Confidence is the good vibe that protects you from the bad. The more confidence you have, the better you’ll be and the less insecure you’ll feel.

It is also crucial to remember to avoid negativity and to kick all negativity out of your life even if this means leaving behind friends, family or your partner—yes, that’s hard, but it will make you feel so much better, and will help to increase confidence and welcome better lifestyle choices.

Every tip listed above will help you feel confident and you will start to believe in yourself fully. If you have any more tips on how to not be insecure of yourself, feel free to share!

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