Struggles All Curvy Women Face

Besides dealing with having a different type of beauty than society’s standards, curvy girls often have a different set of struggles from the average woman.

Being a girl with curves is something I have learned to love. I used to want to have the body that I saw in all of the magazines. I did anything I could to achieve a body type that I was not born with.

It took me a while to learn how to love myself and my body for what it was, but the journey has not been one that I would pass up. Here are some of the struggles all curvy women face every day.

1. Unnecessary attention


As someone who is not the biggest fan of being the center of attention, this has been something that has taken a little more time to get used to. Being a curvy girl usually comes with certain physical assets—if you know what I mean. Because I am built to have hips, a butt and boobs, it can be difficult not to feel uncomfortable at times.

There are people out there who don’t understand how to respect other people’s bodies. There is a small percentage of women who fit the idea of beauty in our society. Most women in the US are more average-sized. Having boobs, curves and certain assets should be considered the norm—especially since most of us have one or all of these aspects to our bodies.

Women constantly have to deal with unwanted attention because of our bodies. It’s as if wanting to dress nicely and in something that makes us feel confident makes us targets for other people to say something about it. It’s almost as if we feel the need to hide our bodies because we don’t want attention, but the other half of us want to celebrate our bodies. It’s a constant struggle between the two.

2. Not much fits correctly

I feel, because I am built this way, that there are certain things that I cannot wear because they will make me come off in a less professional way than I would like them to. Finding clothing that makes me feel comfortable to wear all day without bulging out in places that are not the most flattering is not an easy task.

Shopping on a budget can mean going to stores where they don’t cater to every body type. Many stores for young women don’t have enough clothes in stock for women who do have curves.


It’s almost as if you can either have a big butt and big hips, while not finding clothes for that size, or have small hips and a small butt. There is no other body type that these stores keep in mind. The same goes for a chest. You would not believe how difficult it can be to find a shirt that fits when you have a wider back and bigger boobs.

Going shopping can often be stressful and difficult when there aren’t many options to feel beautiful. When there are options for women to find clothes that they fit into, ones that make them feel confident, they’re always crazy expensive. There are some companies coming out that are tailored to exactly this, which is amazing—not exactly the most affordable, but we’re getting there.

3. Moving around


This sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I promise you that it’s a huge issue at times. A group of tables and chairs can be a curvy woman’s worst enemy. You constantly try to figure out ways to contort your body to make sure you don’t get a side of the table jabbed in your hip or shove your butt in someone’s face.

Having wide hips means that it is a rare occasion when you can actually walk straight when walking between two objects. You quickly figure out different ways to walk sideways without tripping over your own feet. You’re constantly amazed by people who don’t have to worry about how they’re going to fit in a certain area.

You constantly gauge if your thighs will be able to squeeze between two tables or some chairs. Your most used phrase is, “Sorry” when you’re not even trying to because you know someone is getting your ass on their head in some way.

In all seriousness, there are some aspects of life when being curvy can be a great thing, and other aspects when it is not. There is a constant battle between wanting to feel confident and comfortable in your own body and wishing you had a different body.

Of course, there comes a time where you need to just be comfortable being who you are and not worry about what you think people think you should look like. There is only one way that you look. If you want to change it, then it can be changed to a certain point. You are who you are, and that’s something that you should always be proud of.

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