The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

We have plans to make summer 2016 better than ever. Your summer isn’t complete until you’ve done exciting things on our ultimate summer bucket list.

If you’ve never created a bucket list, you’ve been missing out. There’s nothing better than setting a list of goals and slowly accomplishing them, but in the summertime, we’re swapping our professional goals of making Dean’s list or acing that work presentation with something a little more fun.

Summer bucket lists give us something to look forward to while we’re on break from school or taking a vacation from work. When you’re ready to let down your hair and have the summer of your life, these are the things that will make your summer ’16 the best yet.

Go to an outdoor concert

outdoor concert

Since festival season started a few months ago, you’ll see a lot of outdoor concerts start popping up. You’ll be equipped with some great tunes, so gather your friends, bring a few drinks, and enjoy a warm night swaying in the setting sun.

Have a Netflix marathon

If you’ve found a show you enjoy on Netflix, we’re sure you’ve binge watched as if it’s your job, but you can never do this too many times.

There might be a few movies or shows you haven’t gotten around to watching, so turn on Netflix, make some popcorn, and enjoy an easy day of relaxing.

Dance on a bar

Depending on the setting, it won’t hurt to ask the bartender if you can hop up for a minute or two! Just remember to keep it sassy and tasteful, but if you have plans for dropping it like it’s hot, just make sure you can get back up!

Make s’mores

We want some more! Do you? This tasty campfire treat is a must-have this summer. We could snack on graham crackers, marshmallows, and melted chocolate all summer long.

Go skinny dipping

This is not for the faint of heart. If you’re feeling extra daring, put skinny dipping on your summer bucket list. If you’ve got a friend with a private pool, the adrenaline of this might be even more than riding that roller coaster.

Ride a roller coaster


If you like the rush of adrenaline, roller coasters are a must for this summer. All you need to do is head to Six Flags or Disney, and you’ll be plunging down an angle in no time.

Read a book

We’re sure you’re already going to read a million tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram captions this summer, so why not pick up a book?

Run through sprinklers

We’re all kids at heart, so we’re definitely running through sprinklers this summer. It’s a great way to cool down, and who doesn’t want to relive our easy days as kids?

Take pictures at a photo booth

With our smartphones, we document life’s every moment, but taking a few pictures at the photo booth with your best friend or boyfriend will create a little something special to hang up in your room.

Dance in the rain

There are a few times when we get the chance to do something completely uninhibited, but when we do, we feel unstoppable.

Dancing in the rain is a freeing activity, especially when the weather is warm. Just make sure you dry yourself off because those summer colds are no joke!

Go on a road trip

road trip

You’ll always find movies where best friends take a road trip, and you should too! You don’t always have to travel cross country, but you can take a quick weekend or even day trip to a different part of the state. Let the windows down and sing to your favorite songs.

Watch a movie at a drive-in

Today, most drive-ins don’t show new movies, but most people go for the experience. If you and your date are pulling Sandra Dee and Danny Zuko vibes and have no interest in the movie, the car will keep you hidden as you put the moves on each other.

Have a water balloon fight

If the kid in you is down for running through sprinklers, you’re probably down for a water balloon fight. School and work can be stressful, and we’re thinking a water balloon to the head will knock the stress right out of you.

Go salsa dancing

If you’re down for a sexy and new activity, learning how to Salsa dance will quickly spice up your summer. Dancing around to sultry Latin music in a dress and heels always leaves us with a smile on our faces.


It’s great to give back, and the summer is the perfect time to do this. We might not always have the means to donate, but donating your time is just as important!



Sometimes life gets a bit hectic, but make sure you appreciate the beauty around you. Looking up at the stars can be extremely peaceful, but if you’ve got a significant other, it can quickly become romantic.

Go to the spa

Nothing says rest and relaxation more than going to a spa. If you’re being stressed out by a summer job, internship, or your regular 9 to 5, heading to the spa in the summer will help you gain your peace of mind.

Give a cute stranger your number

A lot of us are scared to put ourselves out there because we’re scared of rejection. This summer, we’re not scared of anything! If you see a cute stranger, smoothly slide them your number. The worst that could happen is that they don’t call, and if they don’t, they didn’t deserve you anyway!

Watch the sunrise

We’re usually all awake as the sun sets, but when most of us wake up, the sun is well into the sky. On your day off, wake up early and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea while you watch the sun rise and listen to the bird chirping.

Light sparklers

Summer is nothing without sparklers! Not only are they 4th of July appropriate, but they definitely create a good Instagram opportunity. Just remember to be careful!

Get a tattoo

getting a tattoo

You might have always wanted a tattoo, and if you have, this is the summer to get it! If permanent tattoos aren’t your thing, there’s always henna, flash tattoos, or the peel offs you used when you were 8!

Kiss in the rain

We all know how dramatic a movie or TV scene is when two lovers feel so passionate about each other that they kiss in the rain.

While your kiss might not be as passionate as Elena and Damon’s from Vampire Diaries, if you love the person you’re with, it will be just romantic and equally satisfying.

Do karaoke

If you can sing, go to the karaoke bar and show off your skills. If you can’t sing, go to the karaoke bar and sing anyway! No one at the karaoke bar expects you to sound like Celine Dion or Mariah Carey.

It’s all about having fun, and if you bring your girlfriends and sing “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls, you’re sure to have a great time.

Take a selfie with a stranger

Life’s all about meeting new people and what better way to make friends than taking a selfie with a stranger? Who knows, maybe you’ll become the best of friends.

Have a bubble bath

bubble bath with natural soaps

Taking time out for yourself is always important. Enjoying a bubble bath is a sure way to do this. Drop in a bath bomb, light some candles, and play some soft music in the background.

Tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue

Since forever, people have said that anyone who can tie a cherry stem into a knot with their tongue is a great kisser. While the jury on that is still out, the faces you make while attempting to do this will be sure to put a laugh on your face. Challenge a few friends and see who the real professional is.

Go (indoor) skydiving

If you’re a real adrenaline junky, you might ditch the roller coaster and skinny dipping for jumping out of a plane. If regular skydiving isn’t for you, indoor skydiving is also an item on our bucket list ready to be crossed off.

Pay for someone behind you at the yoll booth

Doing random, nice things for strangers is an easy way to feeling great. If you have a dollar to spare, pay for the person behind you, but if you’re running low on cash, it’s the thought that counts!

Learn to say “hello” in multiple languages

America is a melting pot of languages, and knowing bits and pieces of other languages will help you feel cultured and worldly. If you only know how to say “hello,” try learning bonjour, hola, ciao, Namaste, and konnichiwa.

Make homemade margaritas


We can’t make it through the summer unless we’ve had a margarita – or a few hundred. Instead of going to your favorite bar to get it, try making them at home! All you really need is some sugar or salt, fruit, and some tequila, and you can whip it up in no time!

Now that you’ve checked out our ultimate summer bucket list, let us know if you’re planning on adding any of these to your bucket list. Have you already completed some of these? Let us know in the comments section!

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