Top 4 House Cleaning Tips For A Fresh Summer

Be ready to show off your clean, shining house in the summer sun with our simple and effective tips. You know what they say: clean house - clean head!

Are you looking around your house or bedroom right now, thinking “I really need to clean this place!” We’ve all been there! In the dark winter months, when we’re all tucked up and cosy, we tend not to want to throw open the windows and make a fresh start.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore, though; it can be therapeutic and relaxing to really make a difference to your personal space. You can feel energized and ready to take on the world when you’ve completed such a dreaded task! So, now’s the time to declutter, deep clean and welcome in the sunshine with some really useful cleaning tips from yours truly!

1. Focus on one spot at a time


When you begin to clean your room or house, you often walk into the pit-in-question and cry inside with all the daunting work ahead of you. It’s terrifying! So, to make the task seem more manageable, focus on one area of the room at a time.

Try imagining your room cut into different zones, and each zone is something for you to aim to make spotless. A great place to start is a pile-up zone (like a desk, table, chair)—that piece of furniture that’s simply a place to chuck your clothes, books, worldly possessions, pets…you get the idea! The moment one of these significant ‘zones’ is clear and tidy, the rest of the room will begin to look cleaner and more spacious.

2. Be ruthless!

Now is not the time to sit on your floor, fawning over that old skirt you wore once ten years ago. Be ready to chuck or give away as much stuff as you possibly don’t need.

Try playing a game with yourself: each item you pick up from your room, ask yourself, “Have I used this or worn it in the past three months?” If the answer is no, then it’s not worth keeping.


Stop saving all of those clothes you never wear and let them go to good use, you may make a great difference elsewhere and feel free from all your clutter.

If you’re worried about losing sentimental items and valuable things, try making a memory box. This is where you get yourself a large box or chest, and fill it with important things from your life! Slowly, the things you put in there will be more valuable than ever, and everything else you can give or take.

3. Wipes are your best friend!


We mean antibacterial wipes. Anti-bac wipes are super effective, cheap and easy to use when giving your place a deep clean. You don’t need to spray endless thick creams and bleaches everywhere; instead, a simple once over with some wipes will make your space clean and smell fresh.

Try opening all of your windows and doors, and go over every surface with some lovely scented wipes to give the room a nice airy feel. This includes windowsills, skirting boards, behind furniture—everywhere you can—so there is not a speck of dust in sight. With wipes, it’s quicker than ever! Also, you can buy them for under a pound in most local stores!

4. Make a change


The great thing about spring cleaning is when you feel like you have made a difference to your little habitat. It feels nice to wake up in the morning and feel refreshed where you feel safest, right?

So, the best way to ensure you do just that is to move your stuff around, or make some changes to your decor! Get a fresh coat of paint on the walls, move your bed to the other side of the room or even switch up what rooms are where.

Whatever you choose to do, even if it’s as simple as putting some new pictures up, it’s the greatest feeling to make your home look brand new all over again!

So there you have it: the four most important ingredients to making your house look fabulous this spring. By making small changes, or bold leaps into new designs and colors, you will feel fantastic, knowing that your personal space is revitalized and ready for the sunshine.

It can feel so uplifting to make a difference for yourself as well as impress your nearest and dearest when they come to visit! As many interior designers and professional declutterers have said in the past, a clean home leads to a clean mind, and by blowing away the cobwebs, you will feel confident and ready for anything!

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