4 Reasons to Enjoy Side Sex Positions

We all started with a simple missionary position - progressed to doggy style and at some point when true boredom mixed with adventurism, we tried the legendary 69. But the last position you try is definitely the side position. And that’s really a shame, because side sex is amazing.

It might be the rarest position in pornography and maybe even the least talked about. It’s one of the most pleasurable for both sexes – and let us tell you why. We give you 4 reasons to love each other, side by side.

#1 The Amazing Penetration

When you’re on your side, legs closed, it’s when you can feel the penetration best. As your legs are closed, your vagina will be smaller – thus, his penis will feel bigger. Also, while you’re on your side you can easily stimulate your clitoris, or he could do it for you. This way, you will have an orgasm easily even if it’s generally hard for you to climax. And the stories that sex can be beautiful without an orgasm – true, but it’s always better with it.

#2 No Acrobatic Skills Implied

Girl on a side

Whenever I hear about those creative positions, I think they were invented in the circus. Sex is about the vibe, the excitement, the smell of passionate bodies, the connection, the moment – not whether you can or can’t walk on a spiders net. Side sex positions don’t imply yoga courses before you can pull it off, and allow you to concentrate on one thing only – the pleasure.

#3 The Comfortableness

If you want the intercourse to last for more than 3 minutes, no partner should feel as if they are lifting weights. In side sex positions, there is no obnoxious feeling that you’re actually preparing for the marathon, instead of making love. A side sex position doesn’t take an NBA player to make it last. It’s easy and it can go for hours without you feeling tired instead of… fulfilled.

#4 The Aesthetic Aspect of Side Sex

beautiful Woman in Bed
You can enjoy the beauty of each other’s bodies – conjoined. You can also feel his entire body next to yours, glued by passionate sweat, thrusting in to each other. If he’s behind you, you can feel his breath on your neck. If he’s not behind you, you can look into his eyes, directly, and observe the eyes that are dying of excitement. There is no way to describe side sex without making it sound like an erotic poem. It is by far the most beautiful sex position. In missionary he’s too close to you and all you see is a pillow. In doggy style you see the wall. In side sex – you see the beauty.

Now that I wrote all this, it makes me think… Why am I writing articles instead od having side sex? And you – seriously, instead of reading articles, go make sweet love. And when he’s behind you and puts his hand on your mouth because the neighbours can hear you moan – don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

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