5 Sexy Moves to Make Him Burst with Pleasure

Be the woman who stands out, and imprint yourself on his sexual memory with these sexy moves…

Do you want your man to be thinking about you tomorrow at work?

Don’t send him tons of soppy messages telling him how much you miss him, and how you can’t wait to see him again. Stay on his mind all day with these sexy moves, and you won’t have to do a thing – he will be calling you before you know it to find out when he can see you again!

#1: Blow him like you’ve never blown any man before

You might think you’re great at giving blowjobs, but the ones that will stay in his mind will be the ones where the woman is desperate to get into his pants. The amazing blowjob is given by a woman who knows that a man’s pride and joy is his penis.

When you worship it and lavish it with all the enthusiasm and hunger you can express, he will seek you out for more. So next time you give your man a blow job, make sure you really want to give it to him, and he will remember you.

#2: Put your own unique spin on the ordinary

There is only so much variation to be had with sex, so rather than try to invent crazy new yoga-inspired sex positions, pick your favorites, the ones you know you’re good at and then give them your own unique creative twist.

Try to think outside the box. What could make it more exciting, a bit different, and memorable? Have a look in your food cupboard, maybe you could introduce some Nutella into your usual Woman on Top routine by applying a dollop of chocolate spread to each of your nipples and letting him come up to lick it off at intervals.

Or perhaps you can find another use for your bra once he takes it off – for instance, would it make a decent and seemingly spontaneous blindfold?

#3: Make good use of mirrors

Mirrors are essential erotic props and can be used in all sorts of ways to turn you and your partner on. There is the obvious – erecting a full-length mirror in the bedroom so that you can both enjoy watching each other during sex or while you are giving a blow job.

Watching each other’s reflection adds a third dimension of pleasure because it feels like you are not alone, or that you are watching another couple have sex at the same time.

Mirrors also offer great views from angles that you might not normally be able to enjoy. And then there is the not so obvious – I spoke to a man who shared with me an erotic experience he had with a girl who took hold of a hand mirror while he was rimming her anus with his tongue so that she could see what he could see.

The fact that she was enjoying watching herself being licked by him was a big turn-on and reinforced his desires and fantasies.

#4: Invest in some naughty knickers


I don’t just mean your standard lacy variety! If you go online you will discover a wide variety of very, very kinky underwear that is designed not only to look erotic but also to be sexually practical. For example, for those who enjoy anal sex, there are knickers that work to show off the ass in ways you have probably never imagined, and with the added bonus of allowing penetration without having to remove the knickers!

There are others that are designed in a similar way to invite vaginal penetration or oral sex without taking off the knickers. You can also experiment with different kinky materials. Okay, so it might not be yours or your man’s usual cup of tea, but sometimes an unexpected surprise can be the result of surprising arousal!

If you are a bit too conservative for naughty knickers, try the more traditional erotic stockings and suspender belt. When your man slides his hand up your skirt he will get an unexpected and very sexy surprise to find you are wearing stockings!

#5: Make good use of your hair during sex

Okay, this one might sound somewhat strange at first, but a woman’s hair is something that often gets overlooked, yet it is symbolic of a woman’s femininity and sex appeal. We should be using it more consciously to add to our seduction!

Try this… wear your hair up to begin with, showing off the feminine contours of your neck during foreplay, perhaps with one or two loose tassels straying down onto your neck and shoulders, then later when you start to get more passionate, tug at his hair, and ask him to run his fingers through yours, dishevelling your up-do and making you look and feel wilder.

Then when you are finally having sex, whether you are on top or lying down or being taken from behind… pull your hair out completely and let it cascade down your back or flick around your face, neck and shoulders completely free and unrestrained.

Make the most out of the visual transformation; you can run your own fingers through it, flick it to one side or let it spread out across the pillow. Hair is sexy. Men love it!

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