9 Role Play Ideas To Turn Him On

Having a loving relationship is awesome, but it’s so incredibly easy to fall into a bit of a rut. Here are some fun and frisky ways to spice it up with a little bit of change and sexy role play ideas to turn him on.

I’m not by any means suggesting that you should forgo your healthy relationship for wild sex – no way! – but sex is a HUGE part of a relationship. It’s an intimate connection that you share with each other. People who say sex in a relationship isn’t important are either lying or they’re still virgins.

He loves sex and even though you might never want to admit it to your girlfriends, you too have a bit of kinky side. The same old missionary position grew old a long time ago – it’s called missionary for a reason….

It’s time to bring back the fun into your relationship, spice it up a little and be a little bit more daring. You’re going to be surprised how you and your partner grow together when you share you fetishes and fantasies. It’s time to explore each other and your preferences, and try and figure how far out of your comfort zone you’re willing to travel. Ladies, it’s time to crack out those whips and powder up your hands; it’s time to become a different lady just for the night and then you can revert back to your sweet normal and more ‘innocent’ self when you’re spooning each other in bed post-sex. Let your inhibitions go and rock each in and out of the bedroom….

Lets start with sexy role play ideas to turn him on.

#1 Naughty School Girl vs Punishing Professor

Role Play Ideas To Turn Him On

There’s something incredibly sexy about a naughty school girl. There was probably one male teacher from your schooldays whom you just wanted to get it on with but you couldn’t for obvious reasons. Now it’s time to whip out that school uniform and who cares if it’s too small – this makes even more appealing. Don your short school, pull up your socks and wear nothing but a tie around your neck on your bare chest. Catch your guy by surprise while he’s working at his desk and tell him you’ve been a naughty girl. The chances are he’s not going to take it too lightly and he’ll surely be spanking you over the desk’s edge in no time. Tsk tsk….

#2 Stripper vs. Client

They may never admit it to you, but strippers are very alluring and sexy for most men. There’s something about the seedy atmosphere, stale smoke and girls in G-strings gyrating against poles that get most men’s hearts pumping. Pull out your skimpiest underwear, slap on some makeup and dance for him to funky disco beats. Move close to him, but not within reach. He’ll sit there frothing at the mouth and instead of stuffing dollar bills down your panties; he’ll be stuffing something else in there.

#3 Porn Stars

He loves porn, you hate it…you hate it because he fantasizes, so why not join his fantasy and make your very own porn movie. Set a camera up in your darkened boudoir, talk dirty to each other and get it on like, well, porn stars. Not only is the idea of being filmed going to turn you both on, you’ll also step up your sex game a little and be conscious of your performance ensuring great sex all round!

#4 The Repair Man

Body part of a strong build black construction worker with big hammer isolated in white

OMG, who doesn’t think Mike in Desperate Housewives is the sexiest plumber ever? Is your man a bit of a handyman? Is he good with his tools? (wink, wink) Imagine you’ve got a plumbing problem in your bathroom and as you go to pass your partner the ‘wrench’ take your top off and let him fix you instead. There’s nothing like a bit of dirty fun on the bathroom floor with the water running for a bit more realism – just make sure it’s not a real problem or you may have to call in the real plumbing team.

#5 Cheerleader vs. Jock

This  is one of the most interesting role play ideas to turn him on. You weren’t a cheerleader at school? Have you always wondered what it felt like to be that girl? It’s time to borrow some pom-poms, get out an extra tiny sweater, wear your best pushup bra and sweep your hair up into a ponytail to emulate the pretty popular high school girl. Start dancing around him while cheering. It will surely raise a few giggles at the start, but once you do the splits and he realizes that there’s nothing on under your skirt then it’s going to be a whole new ball game.

#6 The Meeting Between Strangers

We see it on the movies all the time. Two random people meet at the bar for the first time, casually make an acquaintance with each other, get more than tipsy and sooner than later they find themselves holed up at an apartment getting it on in between the bed sheets. Organize with your man to meet at a bar and as you spot him waiting for you, walk up and order a drink, look at him and say cheers, he’ll soon get where it’s all going and he’ll quickly join in. Pretending you’re meeting for the first time is exciting – first time sex is hot and you’ll be able to reignite all that passion that’s now rather lackluster.

#7 Dominant vs. Submissive

Ideas To Turn Him On

Let the inner tigress out from within and get kinky with your man. Do you prefer to be spanked or to do the spanking? The funny thing about pain during sex is that there is no pain – what would hurt you normally is nothing but a tickle in the heat of the moment. Bring out the inner dominatrix and start spanking him. Cuff him to the bed, lightly pull his hair and ride him like there’s no tomorrow.

#8 The Dirty Masseur

he main idea is that you lie on a flat surface, naked, either on your back or front, with a towel covering your chest and middle, and you boyfriend uses oil to massage you, first in a professional manner, and then in an inappropriate one.

If you are positioned at the right height, this is great for performing oral sex on your ‘Masseur’ after he has begun to touch you underneath the towels. You can roll over onto your front while he stands at the head of the table and unbuttons his trousers.

Learn how to give your guy the best blow jobs of his life. Read these 61 refreshing tips, written by a guy, and make him think you are the Queen of BJ.  He can also stand at the opposite end of the table and pull you towards him to have sex while you are lying back on the table, once the massage part of the game is over of course.

#9 Your Favorite Love Scene

Was it Friends with Benefits, Moulin Rouge or perhaps that famous car scene in Titanic? No matter what your favorite big screen sex scene is, if there’s one scene that you can’t get out of your mind, try reenacting it and letting him direct and position you and compare notes to the original at the end. Surely you’re not going to perfect it in the first take, so it might take a few more willing cuts.

Just because you’ve been in a relationship for X number of years, you shouldn’t allow your love and the spark in your relationship to die. Spice it up with a bit of harmless role play fun at home. There’s no need to head out to a swingers’ club or to engage in freakishly kinky S&M. All you need is a bit of imagination, a few props that you can easily find and an open mind. Experiment outside the bed and your relationship will be taken to new heights, the passion will sizzle and you’ll surely turn your back on the boring old missionary position forever.

If you don’t like the common well-known role-play ideas, then use your imagination and be true to who you are. Read on and discover more ways of enjoying yourself in the bedroom!

Share with us your role play ideas to turn him on.

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