What Men Really Want In Bed – 8 Top Secret Tips

Do you want to know exactly what your man wants most in bedroom? Read this to find out what men really want in bed and how to discover his secret desires.

Have you ever wanted to ask a guy what he really likes in bed and how to do it? Better yet, have you ever wanted to just know exactly what men really want in bed and how to give it to them?

Wouldn’t things be so much easier if you knew exactly what men really want in bed and what your partner truly likes (and dislikes)? Here is what men really want in bed and how to find out what your man prefers the most.

1) Men want it more frequently

what men really want in bed

Men love sex and they want it frequently. There’s no denying it, there’s no arguing about, and it’s not open for debate. It’s just a fact of life. Men’s cravings will not go away under any circumstances. Understanding this is instrumental in understanding men and what they want and need.

Do you ever wonder why he’s always in the mood? Well, actually, he’s not. But he doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to sleep with you when you’re in the mood.

He knows that he can get in the mood very easily and that he’ll enjoy whatever happens after that immensely. Men have the natural foresight to know that they will enjoy moving things toward something intimate at almost any time.

So, first, before moving on to find out what they like most in bed, you should understand that they would be really happy to get to there more often, especially if the two of you don’t get to spend a lot of time together.

2) Men want it to last longer

Since guys love getting intimate so much, it’s no surprise that they want to have longer sessions. Quickies are convenient and sometimes thrilling, but if the sex is really good, they’ll want to cherish it by making it last.

That said, long should not be too long. He probably won’t want to do a two-hour long epic every time that you get under the covers. Long lasting sessions are great, but it’s good to mix it up sometimes. He might also prefer two or few shorter instances over one long one.

3) He wants you to love it (as much as he does)

what men really want in bed

Men truly want women to enjoy the sex as much as possible. Men love to feel like they have satisfied their partner and made them feel pleasure. They take pride in it.

Without the knowledge that you are regularly satisfied, they might feel insecure. If sometimes you don’t climax and he’s trying really hard, it’s okay.

He’s probably not going to worry about it too much, but if that happens very often, he definitely will. He needs to know that he can at least satisfy you overall.

Otherwise, he might start to suspect that you aren’t sexually attracted to him enough, that he doesn’t have a large enough member, or worse, he might think you’re cheating on him.

4) Men HATE when you fake it

A fake orgasm can be a little bit insulting. Most of the time, we can tell and it’s kind of awkward. There are exceptions, though, like when it’s getting late and he knows it.

In that case, he’ll disregard your way of letting him know to hurry it up. But actually, he would probably rather you let him know without faking it.

You could say something like, “I want you to…” or, “Can you…like this?” It might not be as appealing as simply faking it for some, but if you were in his place, wouldn’t you prefer your partner to gently say something like that over a bunch of theatrics?

5) Men expect to receive a little respect

what men really want in bed

One of the most important things for a man is respect. Men want you to respect their penis size, they want you to respect their sexual prowess, they want you to respect their body type, their build, their strength, and their demeanor.

They want total respect or even reverence in the bedroom. If he thinks you find his penis size questionable, it will never stop bothering him. He might be able to be content still, but deep down he’ll assume that you aren’t fully satisfied. Preventing this is essential to give him everything that he really wants in the bedroom.

Also, speak to him in a way that makes him feel confident and manly. Scolding him or talking down to him for whatever reason can be a huge turn-off. If he does something you don’t like, you’re better off bringing it up after the sex and asking him not to do it. As that is what men really want in bed, be nice.

6) Pay attention to his body!

Men want to be appreciated. The female body and thus women, in general, are appreciated for their beauty significantly more than men in our society. Women are typically sought after more.

Men are the seekers or hunters of women. As a hunter, imagine having your prey congratulate you for catching them and honor you as a worthy hunter.

I’m not saying you should say any of these kinds of things, but you can show him through your actions. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

To like a girl and succeed in getting them is all the sweeter if she likes you that much back. Show it to him. This is strictly in the context of sex, of course. You wouldn’t want to seem clingy.

In the bedroom, cherish his body. You can grab, squeeze, caress, kiss, whatever, just don’t completely ignore the parts of his body other than his penis.

He’d be happy with only that, but giving him what he wants is sometimes about helping him discover what feels good.

Believe it or not, women usually don’t do much more than hanging on for the ride (or doing the riding).

Kissing around the chest, arms, even legs is extremely rare. If you do that for him he will most definitely enjoy it.

7) Do all of the things that you know he likes

what men really want in bed

This will not only make him feel good physically, but he’ll feel even better overall when he notices that you like to do the things that he really likes, even if it’s just for him.

He wants you to want to please him. Any kind of sigh or lack of enthusiasm can break apart the image he could potentially have about you.

He wants to think that you’ll gain pleasure yourself from pleasing him.

This is not to suggest that all he wants is for you to be at his feet doing whatever he wants all the time, although he might not object to that idea.

It simply means that knowing that you gain pleasure from doing things to please him will turn him on more and put him at ease in the bedroom.

8) How to find out what men really want in bed?

There are two ways of doing this, asking and attempting. If you ask, you will probably get an honest answer, but there’s more to it. You can find out what he really wants by trying things on him and paying attention to his reaction.

You might even be able to show him things that he’s never quite done before that he loves. Experimenting should provide you with all of the answers you need without ever having to ask.

When trying things out this way, you should make sure that he isn’t going to completely play along and pretend that he likes it all.

You should be able to tell the difference either way between what he actually enjoys and doesn’t care too much for. Or, you could always ask.

These are just some of the main things that men really want in bed. Communicating with your partner openly is always going to be the best way to find out what he wants most.

Making him feel like it’s okay to let you know is your responsibility.

He’ll also want to know what you really want in bed, and after seeing your attitude toward wanting to make him feel good, he’ll probably be committed to doing the same for you in return.

But, you should know one thing. There is one secret ingredient missing! The one that will instantly make him obsessed with you. Check it out here for yourself and thank me later!

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