How Often Do Men Think about Sex and What Do They Think

What and how often do men think about sex? We wonder if their thoughts are different from ours. Here are ten facts about men and sex that can clarify a lot.

Sex is a natural part of life. Without it there wouldn’t be any…well…life! Aside from procreation, though, sex is one of the most interesting and fascinating things you can do with your body. Have you ever wondered, though, if sex was different for men and women? What is it like from a man’s perspective (scientifically speaking, of course)? What, and how often do men think about sex?

Now’s your chance to learn some interesting and fun facts about men and sex, ladies!

1. Guys think about sex nineteen times a day

woman and men brains

This one came as a shock to me. Apparently, new studies from the Ohio State University show that men think about sex nineteen times a day, as opposed to every seven seconds (which was the previous statistic). Nineteen times a day was the average for college aged males.

If that’s true, I’m a perv. I think about sex nineteen times before lunch!

I’m skeptical about this statistic, ladies, how about you?

2. The most common fetish is the foot fetish

Has your guy ever asked you to wear a certain pair of shoes for him? Have you ever received compliments on your feet? If so, you’re not alone. There are innumerable fetishes in the world, but of all of them the foot fetish is the most common. That’s right, men want to play with your feet.

They want to suck your toes, rub your feet, watch you walk around in heels, and basically, worship this particularly ticklish spot of your anatomy. If your man asks to play with your feet, then let him have his fun. After all, a free massage is a free massage.

3. Men rate penis size as their third most important feature

On the plus side, this means that men do not consider their penis the number one feature of their body. Sadly, though, this statistic did not tell me what the first and second features of importance are. I would say, having been around a number of men, that it would be their beard followed by their abs. No, really!

Have you ever heard men get jealous of another guy’s facial hair? I have and it’s hysterical! Just as a side note, studies have shown that women find men with exactly ten day of beard growth to be the sexiest. What do you think?

4. Men get erect nipples when they’re aroused

muscular handsome sexy guy with pretty woman

It’s not only us that get hard nipples when we get turned on, men do too! Well, at least sixty percent of men do. This is true, I’ve seen it. Men have really sensitive nipples. If you’ve never done it, try licking or gently nibbling on his perky nip while you’re riding him. He’ll go nuts over that move!

5. There is evidence that a man’s penis might be linked to the size of his index finger

Apparently, there’s some evidence that the size of a man’s penis is somehow related to the size of his index finger. I just want to point out that I’m thrilled this didn’t say “pinky finger”. It does make me wonder, though, is it true what they say about the size of a man’s nose or his feet in relation to the size of his penis? Now I’m going to look at every man’s index finger.

6. The largest penis on record was thirteen inches

THIRTEEN INCHES!!! The average penis size (erect) is about five and a half inches long. This guy was literally hung like a horse! I think I would run away screaming with my hands protectively covering my vagina if I were to see a man with a thirteen inch extension.

The smallest adult penis, just to put this in a little more perspective, was an inch and a half (erect). Both of these are why we have vibrators, ladies. Know when to say no.

7. There are more male than female masochists

Sexy passionate couple on the carpet with handcuffs at morning

Do whips and chains excite you? Do you long to tie some poor unfortunate soul to your bed and then whip him with a cat o’ nine tails? I do too. You’re in luck! For every female masochist, according to research, there are twenty male masochists.

That means twenty men want you to spank them and make them your bitch. I don’t need twenty, just one or two would be fine. I’d have them cleaning my house and calling me “mistress” in no time.

8. Ninety percent of men masturbate

This really shouldn’t be a surprising number (except for the fact that it wasn’t one hundred percent). However, did you know that men’s minds are more stimulated and become more alert and aware whenever they watch porn? So maybe he isn’t masturbating because it’s one of those nineteen times a day he’s thinking about sex.

Maybe he’s been watching porn to stimulate his brain and now he has to get rid of his erection before he can leave the house. Seems legit, right?

9. Celery makes men sexier

Did you know that celery is an aphrodisiac? That’s right, when men eat celery they put off more pheromones and that attracts YOU to THEM. Men who eat celery are more likely to get the attention of the women around them. Celery is sexy, who knew!

10. Sex keeps men healthy

If you are unlucky enough to have a man who isn’t that interested in sex, then remind him of this: Sex is healthy for you! Men who are regularly sexually active are at lower risk for heart disease, heart attacks, and diabetes. They also live longer. Excellent news for those who want to keep their man around for a while!

Now that you know some fun facts about men and sex, tell me, what fun facts do you know? Have you ever wanted to know something else about men and sex?

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