Top 5 Sex Positions for Women

You want to spice up your sex life? If you, and your partner, have neglected sexy time lately, make some changes! Don’t let monotony win! With a little time and imagination you can learn to blow his mind with your moves, but also, get maximum pleasure for yourself. Here are the top 5  sex positions for women!

You’re never too old to learn some new tricks. With slight changes to some well-known sexual positions, you’re probably quite familiar with, you can discover a whole new world of mind-blowing orgasms.

1. Stand up

Forget about the bed already! Try a few standing positions, and you will be pleasantly surprised. Stand up, be face to face with your boyfriend, and wrap your legs around his torso. He should lift your butt, and move it up and down while he’s thrusting. Doesn’t this sound like a safe way to one crazy orgasm? He has all the domination, so if you’re the type that likes to let go of all control in the bed this might really be to your thing!

2. Legs in the Air

top sex positions for women

You’re feeling tired, or maybe even little lazy? Just lie down and let your man satisfy you! Now I’m not talking about missionary position here, the key is taking it one step further. Modify it just a bit, and you will get the pleasure of your life. Lie on your back, and put your legs over his shoulders. This will allow him to get very deep, so, an orgasm is almost guaranteed.

3. Different Kind of Doggy Style

Kneel on the floor with the bed in front of you, so you can brace yourselves. To balance, spread your legs a little more than he does, and enjoy in the best doggie style of your life.

Allow him to stimulate your erogenous zones with his hands. He doesn’t only have to grab your hips and imagine himself in this sex position. He has the perfect opportunity to bend over your back and kiss your neck, not to mention reach around and play with your breasts, nipples you’re your clitoris!

Shake your booty or swing your hair! The visual effects will make him hornier than ever. Here is how to get more pleasure from doggie style sex.

4. Squeeze Me

This is a very romantic position to try. Lie on your stomach, keep your legs straight and spread them just a little. Let him stretch his body over yours while resting his elbows on the bed. His legs are outside yours, and while he penetrates you, you can cross your ankles and get even more intertwined.

You’ll feel great satisfaction while he enters again and again, while gently kissing your neck and back. Also, you’ll be very close to each other, so, you can whisper to him what you’d like him to do – tell him whether you want him to go faster, harder, or stop (yeah right).

5. Romantic Cuddle

Cuddle 23

Most women prefer slower, more intimate love-making, so they can kiss their man, and feel the love and the connection they share. There are many women that can reach orgasm only in these kinds of positions. They feel loved, and secure, and relaxed to the maximum so they can have a more intense orgasm.

The best way to reach this is to sit across each other. Slide into his lap and sit on top of him. Cross your legs behind his back and slowly start to move while he cuddles and kisses you the entire time.

You on top

Because of the freedom and control the position affords, woman on top is the simplest way for most women to achieve climax during sex. You can use this flexibility to customize the depth, tempo, and angle of penetration to your pleasure.

Being on top, though, isn’t just about the bounce; you also need to know how to ride a guy. If you want to reach orgasm in this position, you must concentrate on tensing all of the proper muscles in your legs and vagina as you push him in and out of you. Alternatively, for an entirely new experience, rotate your pelvis in a circular motion.

So, which one of these top sex positions for women do you like the best?

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