What to Do When He Is Way More Experienced Than You?

You finally feel butterflies! Congrats, dear! But there is this one problem – he’s been around the block. He is way more experienced than you in every way. He might also be a little bit older than you are, so now you’re scared your tricks will not really work for him – that you will seem like an inexperienced brat that doesn’t really know what she’s doing. Well, don’t worry! Honestly, there is no reason to.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy (That You’re Inexperienced)

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To be really honest, be afraid when you find a guy that is less experienced than you – that’s the bad scenario. Be happy you have a man that knows what he’s doing – you don’t want to mess with confused boys. Having a real man these days is a privilege – enjoy that you have it.

Honesty is Essential (When it Works for You)

Men love being the one who knows and has seen more – some foxy women still pretend they are utterly clueless about sex, life, career…  just because they know that an inexperienced woman is such a turn on to men. We’re not saying they are smart and scrupulous, but it works. Men love lolitas, they love to guide and teach women. They love to feel  strong and in control – and if this is the case really, why not just let him?

Be a Good Student and Let Him Teach

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OK, so he has more life or sexual experience than you? Well, learn then! Let him teach you something – sometimes it’s good to be the one who learns, opposite to the one who teaches. Develop yourself in any directions you want, but there’s nothing bad in learning a new trick or two.

Experience Really Comes With Age and There is no Downside to Being Young

What really is a shame for a lady is a lack of manners and thirst for knowledge. Be passionate about what you do, be passionate about how you do it, and be a lady while you do it. Experience will follow. Just don’t be scared of knowledge and don’t feel the constant urge to be in control.

Ready, Set, Go!

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Sometimes we imagine different fears just because we can’t admit to ourselves that this is just something we’re not ready for. Maybe the fact that he knows more is so frightening only because you’re not really ready for a relationship of any sort. Think about it. And if that’s the case, clear your head before engaging in any kind of romance.

Experience is Simply the Name We Give Our Mistakes

Be sure that sometimes children are wiser than the old. Sometimes life un-teaches us from what’s really important. The fact you are young doesn’t make you dumb – it’s biology’s way of saying there is a long way ahead of you. Enjoy the ride with all the bumps, you’ll pick up on everything while you go.

Maybe your childish wisdom is actually what he finds so attractive – don’t pretend you know more than you really do. Relax and learn – we hope it’s an interesting subject. And you know, in love – there is no S.A.T.

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