8 Beautiful Things About Interracial Couples

Are you wondering about your current relationship and asking yourself if it could really work? Here are 8 beautiful things about interracial couples that you should know.

Although times have definitely changed since the 1950s and 1960s, there still seems to be a stigma about interracial couples. Whether it’s social residue from the past or simply the closed-mindedness of some people, interracial couples are not always viewed in the right light.

This is a tragedy because there is beauty in every type of love, particularly in interracial relationships. As a woman who has been in interracial relationships, I am well aware of the social stigmas and negative social appearances (even cultural differences) that you get from strangers and sometimes even family. However, here are eight things that really make interracial couples beautiful.

#1 They are Strong

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Interracial couples are beautiful because they are strong. Not only do they have the courage to stand up to a closed minded society, but they also often have to have the strength to overcome family prejudices as well. It isn’t easy to be in an interracial relationship when your parents come from a generation that was taught to frown upon it, and sometimes those prejudices are hard to overlook. However, these couples boldly go against the norm and they go against others expectations to love each other.

#2 They Have Amazing Communication Skills

Interracial couples have amazing communication skills. If you’ve ever been a part of an interracial couple then you probably already know that sometimes you have to break past communication barriers, whether those barriers are in the form of a language difference or a cultural difference.

#3 They are Open-minded

One of the most beautiful things about interracial couples is that they are open-minded. Interracial couples are often the first people to be okay with any other person who doesn’t quite fit into society because they know what it’s like to be judged by others. If you’re a different religion or have outside the box views on child rearing or education, often those in interracial relationships are quick to stand by your side without judgment.

#4 They do not Let Other People Influence Them

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Perhaps the most beautiful aspect of interracial couples is that they do not allow others to influence them. This is especially true for couples who have families that look down upon their relationship. It might sound easy, but the truth is one of the hardest things in the world is going against the influence of your family. These couples live their own life and they don’t let negative views change them.

#5 They are Comfortable with Themselves

In order not to let other people influence you, you not only have to be strong, but you also have to be extremely comfortable with yourself and each other. You have to get past little social injustices from the outside just as much as you have to move past little cultural differences inside your relationship.

While not every interracial relationship has cultural differences, those that do can truly understand the hardships that really come with being in an interracial relationship. Cultural differences are often much more difficult to overcome or ignore than any other issue you might have as a couple.

#6 They’re Happy

Have you ever noticed that many interracial couples are genuinely happy? Have you ever wondered why? Couples who have been able to move past social stigmas and endure the hardships of racial or social differences, and those who are able to move past cultural differences as well really understand what it means to struggle in a relationship. Because they’ve overcome those struggles, and they were strong enough to move past them, these couples are at a place where they can really focus on each other and just be happy in their relationship.

#7 They Know the True Meaning of Love is Blind

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Did you ever see the movie “Look Who’s Coming to Dinner?” This movie is the perfect example of what “love is blind” truly means. Interracial couples look beyond the outside; they truly look deep into each other. Sure, there’s attraction (after all, what couple wants to be together without physical attraction?), but I mean that they really see the inner beauty of each other.

Learning to move past social norms and stigmas is always difficult no matter what anybody tells you. Someone will always be there to frown upon interracial couples or to judge them, but instead of letting that stress them out, interracial couples really appreciate each other even more. They love each other, they care for each other, and race isn’t even an issue. It’s truly beautiful.

#8 They are Caring

One of my favorite aspects of interracial couples is how caring they are. Every interracial couple I’ve met is genuinely caring about other people. They are kind, they are helpful, and they don’t just offhandedly judge others. Maybe it’s because of the stress that society puts on them, or maybe it’s because they are open-hearted enough to overlook what’s on the surface of people, but I’ve never met an interracial couple who wasn’t completely kind and generous and genuinely caring for their friends and family.

I’ve had quite a few interracial relationships and many of them with very huge cultural differences. In some of those relationships, we were able to overcome our differences or ignore what our families thought of our relationship, but at other times the social and cultural pressure was too much to handle and the relationship didn’t survive it.

For those couples who are in interracial relationships and are able to overlook the judgments or the differences, I just want to say that I think you’re the most beautiful couples of us all. For those thinking of entering into an interracial relationship, I can tell you that you will certainly learn a deeper, stronger kind of love.

Are you in an interracial relationship, and have you had to overcome any problems?

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  • I’m in an interracial relationship. I agree with EVERY SINGLE thing here. And I’ll tell you something else about interracial relationships. The adoration and ability to tune out the world is the most amazing thing you can experience. I personally love my other half more than life itself. I never thought I could love someone like I do him. But, he’s patient, and he is kind, and loving, and the most intelligent person I’ve ever met in my life. It’s amazing the bond you can create when all barriers are dropped and you just see a person for who they are, not what they look like, or the color of their skin.