10 Questions To Help You Decide If You Should Live Together

Are you ready to live together? It’s a big commitment and can be an overwhelming question to answer. Read on to figure out if you are ready for that step.

It would seem that for some people, their gut feeling, love for each other, and connection may not be enough of a push through a prospective door that could be theirs.

However, if you and your partner love each other and share that special bond you'll know that you are ready.

On the other hand, to some people, that isn't enough. Other people also find that they are left feeling unsure of if they are actually ready to live together, due to this being a big step in their life. Meaning they need something more than their actual feelings.

If you need to know more than the fact that you love your partner and they love you, then that may be a bit of a warning sign already. It isn't a sign that should send you running from this. Read on to find out if you are ready to live together.

1) Are you nervous?

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If you are nervous, it's good. You are about to make a big decision in your life that will affect you.

However, your nerves shouldn't even give you the slightest doubt. Instead, it should be those nerves you get when starting a new chapter in your life.

2) Do you feel pressure?

No pressure, but if you are under pressure then you need to consider reflecting on making sure you are moving in with your partner on your own terms and feelings.

If you are pressured by family, friends, co-workers, stereotypes, or even your partner, then you need to think about what you'd be thinking and wanting to do if there was no pressure.4

You also need to think about why they are pressuring you and what that will mean for you later on in life.

As much as this may sound cheesy, follow your heart, and do not cave into the pressure.

3) Is it an ultimatum?

When deciding if you are ready to live together, it is important to also reflect and make sure that you aren't doing this as a way of settling to avoid marriage.

Many people have admitted they moved in with their partner just so they would stop pressuring them to get married.

So whatever you do, do not move in with your partner just to avoid marriage or anything. It should be done for the right reasons that suit the both of you.

4) Can you survive a fight?

Annoyed couple ignoring each other in the kitchen 6

When figuring out if you are ready to live together, make sure you and your partner have actually had bumps in the road and were then able to overcome them.

If you haven't had a fight with your partner, then you are both holding things in, and also won't be able to know how or if you can recover from it.

Whereas, couples who have gotten into fights are already aware that they can discuss issues, and then overcome them together.

This not only provides security as you know you can resolve conflicts, but it also makes the both of you closer and able to live together.

5) Have you traveled together?

If you and your partner have traveled together and survived the many stressors that come with travel and had a blast, then you are ready to live together.

It is important to know if you can handle the stress and nuisance that comes with airports and planes, along with the very small rooms without driving each other crazy.

While on your vacation, if you and your partner bonded, explored, and had lots of laughs, then you are ready to live together and make even more memories together.

6) Are there elephants in the room?

You and your partner do not ignore problems. If there is an issue you don't let it just sit there, un-talked about, and driving you both crazy. Instead, you both maturely discuss what is bothering the two of you.

If you let this issue remain undiscussed, it will boil up and become even worse over time. This will hinder your relationship and will also make living together a nightmare.

So, if you do this, you both need to talk about whatever issues there are. Once you have done this, you and your partner will be able to overcome them, and will also be ready to live together.

7) Are you open and honest with each other?

Do you and your partner talk about anything and everything?

Are the two of you honest with each other?

Do you both show and act like your true selves with each other?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you are ready to live together.

If you can be yourself, and talk about anything, while also being honest, then you have amazing communication skills and an amazing connection.

You are definitely ready to live together, and you will have a very strong relationship because you both can do this.

8) Is there affection?

If you have to think about if you and your partner care for each other, love each other, or are romantic and affectionate. Then there is an issue. In order to live together, you both need to be best friends, but also lovers.

The romance isn't supposed to end, neither are the compliments, kisses, hugs, and other signs of affection and care. If that ceases to exist in your relationship, then you are not ready to live together.

9) Can you foresee a future?

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When wondering if you are ready to live together, all you have to do is ask yourself if you can see and plan a future with your partner.

If you and your partner are both planning your future lives together, and are also imagining it, then you are definitely ready to live together.

If you can't imagine your future without your partner you are golden. If you can imagine your future without your partner, then there is an issue, and you shouldn't live together.

10) Do you know it's not the way of rekindling love?

If you are going to move in with your partner just to save your relationship, then don't. Something as big as a buying or renting a place together will not save your relationship. It will only make it worse, and it will also make both of your lives miserable.

If you are going to live together, then do it because you both want to, and also because you both have a strong, happy, healthy, and loving relationship that is thriving.

  • Instead of asking yourself “are you ready to live together?”, ask yourself do you spend as much time as possible together and want more?
  • Do you fully know each other?
  • Are you both 100% yourselves with each other?
  • Do you love each other unconditionally?
  • Do you want the same future?
  • Do you bring each other up, make each other better, and feel good?
  • Do you trust your partner?
  • Can you both make decisions together?
  • Do you both laugh?
  • Are you compatible sexually, mentally, and in every other way possible?
  • Lastly, do you both make each other happy?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, then you and your partner are both ready to live together and will have an amazing, happy, strong, and healthy relationship that will last a lifetime.

When living together, it is important to realize that the two of you may need to take some time to adjust as some things may change.

However, as long as you both continue to nurture your relationship and work as a team, you will both get through whatever issues arise.

You and your partner will love living together almost as much as you love each other.

Good luck living together, and if you can think of anything else that will help others decide if they are ready to live together, feel free to comment!

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