13 Ways To Get His Parents To Like You

Making the guy who has captured your heart fall in love with you is one thing. Getting his parents to adore you is another. Here’s how to earn their respect and love.

Meeting your SO’s parents for the first time can be exciting and nerve-wracking. They raised the guy you’re in a relationship with now, and if they’re a bit protective of him (especially his mom), you should expect it and handle it well.

Now, here’s the question: how do you exactly prepare for one of the most important meetings of your life? More importantly, how do you nail the art of impressing his parents?

We recognize how crucial getting his parents’ approval is for you and how it plays a huge role in your relationship’s success. For this reason, we’ve listed several ways you can make them like you as much as they love their son.

1. Be available

woman meeting boyfriends parents

You may be the busiest person on Earth, but when it comes to meeting his parents or attending any event where they expect you to show up, you can never use this as an excuse. You have to show up or they’ll think that you’re putting them second to whatever it is that you’re doing (and that won’t impress them).

2. Be thoughtful

While it’s never required to arrive at their home with extravagant gifts, you’ll look more prepared if you come with flowers, a basket of fruits or anything that will make them feel you’ve thought about them. Ask your boyfriend what he thinks is best to get them so that you know what’s good and not.

3. Don’t be boring

You’ll become one of the most boring people they’ve met by offering generic pleasantries when talking to them. Be creative with your answers when you’re asked, “How are you?” We’re positive you can do better than, “I’m fine. Thank you! How are you?”

4. Have a strong and pleasing personality

Chances are they’ll ask you several questions pertaining to your personal life. Instead of boring them with your birth date, address, age, etc., you can talk about your dreams and the things that you’re passionate about—just be sure not to throw in details about your exciting sex life with their son.

5. Show that you’re interested in their lives

woman meeting boyfriends parents

Nothing makes a person talk more than when you ask them about themselves. Thus, if you want to avoid talking too much or fear that you might say the wrong things, you can ask them questions than to show that you’re interested in what they have to say instead.

Remember to do this only if you’re really eager to learn more about them. It will be obvious if you’re just feigning interest, and they won’t be pleased to notice it.

Remember to do this only if you’re really eager to learn more about them. It will be obvious if you’re just feigning interest, and they won’t be pleased to notice it.

6. Have your own voice

Don’t let your boyfriend answer for you all the time, or let them drive the conversation. Let them see that you’re a woman with an opinion, but don’t be pushy that you rub it in their faces. The goal is to win their hearts, not the debate.

7. Don’t criticize them

This should be obvious, but many people still make the mistake of being critical of their SO’s parents. You may disagree with some of their opinions, but you don’t need to debate them. Remember, you can state what you strongly believe in without telling them that their points of view are offensive or wrong for you. Be cautious and let them win this one—for now.

8. Don’t criticize your SO

They may tease your SO and joke around with him a bit. When they do, let them enjoy the moment as a family. Don’t participate in teasing your partner because if you criticize him, it will likely reflect negatively on you.

9. Show them how much you’ve got to know your SO

woman meeting boyfriends parents

When they feel that you have their son’s best interests at heart and that you love him completely, they’ll start trusting you. Make sure you demonstrate this to them not only on the first meeting but at all times because, as you know, consistency is key.

10. Acknowledge how they’ll always be a part of his life

At no point should you make them feel that they’ll be excluded in your SO’s life once you tie the knot. Instead, reassure them that you’ll all be one big, happy family. They’ll fall in love with you right away if you do.

11. Ask for their advice

Nothing will make them feel flattered than when you ask for some words of wisdom from them. This shows them how smart you are for trusting someone who’s been there and done that.

12. Show them that you’re wife material

Don’t just sit at the table waiting for your food to be served. Instead, offer a hand. You can help to prepare the food while chatting with his mom or even do the dishes. Just make sure you ask for their permission before you touch anything as not everyone is keen on people moving around their house, especially if it’s just your first time in their home.

13. Go the extra mile

Remember their birthdays and other occasions that his family considers to be important. Send them flowers, gift cards, notes or anything that makes them feel special so you can start developing a strong bond with them. You won’t go wrong by letting them feel how much you value them since they’re a huge part of your SO’s life.

Your boyfriend’s parents aren’t as hard to please as you may think. Just let them see how much of a genuine and loving person you are, and you’ll have them loving you as their future daughter-in-law in no time. Good luck!

Have you met his parents already? How did it go for you? Do you have any other tips to share for fellow queens? Share them in the comments.

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