7 Normal Worries Every Woman In A Relationship Has

As things change in relationships, women tend to start to worry. You are not alone! Read on to learn the normal worries all women have and how to ease them.

Relationships are an amazing part of life, but they can also change, fade, improve, or worsen over time. Due to relationships, dating, marriage, love, or even friends with benefits having so many uncertainties, it is a normal thing to have worries, doubts, and fears.

We as women tend to be more in tune with our emotions, and we also tend to observe and notice more changes in a relationship than most men do.

This means we are the ones who seem to have more worries. Regardless of that fact, a worry is still a worry and it feels like it can consume you as you get lost in your head thinking about it. This is normal and healthy, but don’t let it get in your way.

In fact, most women even take solace in knowing that their worries are normal and others have them. So read on to learn the normal worries women in relationships have!

Why is he ignoring me?

Annoyed couple ignoring each other in the kitchen

In today’s day and age, we have plenty of social media accounts and ways of communication such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, texting, email, and phone calls.

Through these methods of communication that we can access from cell phones, tablets, iPad’s, and computers, it is very easy to always see a message, or reply.

Meaning you may be messaging your partner, and you may see that they are online or have seen your message, but they are still completely ignoring you.

As much as this sucks and hurts, it is also something that happens to a lot of women. This is, sadly, of one of the many normal worries women in relationships have.

After all, being ignored is enough to make you feel neglected have doubts, be concerned about what has changed, and to make you think they may be losing feelings.

Why is he dry?

A valid question that many women tend to ask themselves is why is he dry? Why is he barely answering anything? Why is he barely even carrying on a conversation?

Well, the answer to that can be anything really. However, it doesn’t mean you should necessarily worry over it. He could be sick, tired, or stressed about work. I know it may be hard to not worry about why he is being so cut and dry with you, but it is something that happens.

It is also important to note, he may be dry because of something that is bothering him. As much as you want to know and ask, he may not answer until he is ready.

Is this a normal aspect?

Woman with Blue Eye Thinking

This worry is something that may plague a lot of women, despite it being a normal worry. A lot of women often ponder about their relationship and if it is normal to have sex as often as they do, if it is normal to argue so much, or if it is normal to never go out anymore.

Essentially, one of the biggest normal worries women in relationships have is the worry about if it is normal to do something that they and their partner never do, or do all the time.

Despite every relationship being different and every couple being unique, this worry does come up. For the most part, this worry is one which is pointless because every couple, person, and a relationship is completely different than anyone else’s.

Even though this is something that is normal to ask, it doesn’t mean it should be normal. After all; who is actually qualified to be an expert on your relationship, to know your full history, and every moment the two of you have ever shared, to even answer the question you are worried about.

Although it is normal to wonder if what you are doing is something that is “supposed” to be a part of a relationship. The end result is just an answer that is derived from another person’s experience and relationship, not yours. All that matters is that it works for you and your partner and that the two of you are happy, healthy, and in love.

It’s not the same

When it comes to normal worries women in relationships have, another common one is the fact that as time goes by, things start to change and stop. Most of the time, women start to notice that some of the romance, signs of affection, love, care, attention, effort, and displays start to disappear.

This creates worry because women start to feel that they may be taken for granted, that their relationship is falling to the sidelines for their partner, or that their partner is losing interest.

Wandering eyes

man cheating on friend via mobile phone

Sadly, this worry is considered normal as a lot of women are afraid that their man may cheat on them, or at least fantasize about doing that.

If you are worried about him doing this, then chances are you have caught him, or have good reason to suspect. If that’s the case, then you may need to consider ending the relationship because you deserve someone who only wants you, not other people while still being with you.

Do looks count?

People fluctuate in weight, change their hair style, try new things with their makeup, and dress up or dress down. Either way, that shouldn’t become the, be all end all for your partner.

However, too many women worry that if they start to show their age, or “lose” their looks, they may lose their man, or at least turn him off instead of on.

This shouldn’t be a worry, your man is supposed to love you no matter what. You are human, and looks change, but you should always be seen as beautiful, sexy, and gorgeous by your man.

Talk is cheap

When your partner tells you “I love you”, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you”, or anything else that shows his dedication, love, loyalty, and devotion, you should believe it.

This worry is similar to the one where you are concerned with him looking at other women.

If you suspect that he doesn’t mean what he says, then you need to really think about why you feel that way. You should believe what he says if you don’t that will cause some issues.

Empty worries VS. Deep worries

confident woman

It is crucial to overcome these worries and fears but to also look and read into them. By doing that you will be able to find out what your subconsciousness and feelings are trying to tell you.

Some worries are great warning signs that protect you and actually are a part of your subconscious. These worries are considered deep worries and are alerting you to red flags and things you have noticed that make you worry.

You could have picked up on changes in behavior, body language, the tone of voice, or anything else that could have sparked worries which seem rational, logical, and realistic.

However, this next part is crucial. It is also important to know that your worries are sometimes just a way of protecting yourself from being vulnerable or opening up.

These are considered empty worries. Meaning, they are worries that are normal, but not necessary, rational, feasible, realistic, or logical. Instead, they play upon fears in your relationship, past experiences with other relationships, or are just you stressing yourself out.

Become the master of your worries

It is crucial for you to be able to tell the difference between empty and deep worries. If you learn to differentiate between the two, you will not hinder your relationship, stress yourself out, or exert yourself. Instead, you will become the master of your own worries.

When trying to differentiate between the two it is best to think logically, and calmly about whatever is worrying you. By doing this you can have a clear mind.

Next, think about what is worrying you, and then think about his behavior for the past few weeks. You need to see if he may just be having an off day because everything was perfect just yesterday, or if he has been acting this way for longer than you had thought.

You then need to decide if this worry is playing off of your fears, or if it is actually happening.

young woman writing and thinking

After that, you also need to see if it is something you should be worried about, or if he is just acting that way because of other factors in his life. A few of these factors could be work, health, family life, school, or even just his own internal conflict.

Once you have gone through these steps you should then be able to tell if you need to worry about your relationship, if it is all in your head, or if your partner is just acting off because of something else going on in his life.

When looking at normal worries women in relationships have, it is important to know that yes, they are normal to have, but most can be avoided by communicating with your partner, and by also trusting them.

In addition to the worries mentioned above, some other common worries are wondering if you are holding them back, if you embarrass them, if they are worth your time, and if they are actually the one.

Additionally, another common worry is also wondering why they are acting so distant and stand-offish.

If you can think of any other normal worries in relationships have, or how to cope with them, feel free to share!

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