Fall Date Ideas To Take The Chill Out Of Your Day

Unsure of how to spend the chilly autumn days with your significant other? Grab a notebook and your partner because we have six fun fall date ideas for you!

“I can smell autumn dancing in the breeze. The sweet chill of pumpkin and crisp sunburnt leaves.” – Ann Drake

Fall is here and there’s something so magical about this time of year – the leaves are changing, the air is growing chilly and our favorite spiced items are returning to us but with those wonderful things comes our fear of the cold and we are unable to cope with the loss of our summer warmth and sometimes our date nights suffer and become repetitive but fear not!

We have 6 fall date ideas for you to try out with your loved one that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside! So, pull up your search engine of choice and start doing some research on these 6 fall date ideas.

Pumpkin Patch


“Tonight the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch.” –It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Just imagine getting bundled up and taking a walking hand in hand through a beautiful patch of giant orange squash plants – a.k.a. pumpkins.

Most are more than just the location of picking out that prize-winning pumpkin, they have tons of fall farm festivities like hayrides to cuddle up on, corn mazes to get lost in, animals to pet and delicious foods to gorge yourselves on.

So spend the day outside in the beautiful fall weather finding the perfect pumpkin to decorate or make into a yummy pie while enjoying fun activities in the company of your sweetie.

Drive-In Movie


“Let’s all go to the lobby to get ourselves a treat!”

Drive-in movies are no longer a thing of the past! With a quick search, you’ll be able to find one near you and have a fun retro night.

While most do have snack stands so you can get the required snack – popcorn – I recommend putting together a cute little movie night basket packed with all your favorite snacks, drinks and candy.

It’s cute and adds a personal touch to the date; you can also throw some blankets into the back in case it cools off or they provide an outdoor seating area so you can enjoy the movie under the stars.

From screening new movies to horror nights and double features, drive-ins are well worth it and let you experience a film in an interesting and new way.

Walk in the park


“Shall we walk together now, and hold hands in the park” – Helen Love

I know I know it sounds like a really simple date idea but a romantic stroll through a beautiful park listening to the sound of crunching leaves and seeing all the stunning colors of fall sounds pretty amazing.

Depending on where you live the options could be endless for locations to go but any park will do. So, head to your favorite spot or the one you’ve never visited before and explore the trails together!

Pack a thermos of hot chocolate, some water, and a lunch so you can stop and have a picnic during your scenic hike through the trees. To commemorate the day find the prettiest leaves or other bits of nature to put into a keepsake box so you can look back and remember your day spent the in the cool fall air.

Zoo Day


“Don't need no butterflies when you give me the whole damn zoo” – Hailee Steinfeld

If you think your favorite exotic creatures were cute in the spring and summer imagine them in autumn, frolicking around in the crisp air and fallen leaves!

Spend the day viewing the sweet baby animals in a totally different way as they get ready for the fall and upcoming winter, the interactive shows will give you new information about how they prepare and react to the weather change; it’s fun and educational!

You could spend hours at the zoo and never get bored – so take the day, have a yummy zoo themed lunch, buy some silly souvenirs and take in the wonderful fall surroundings.

Another thing to look out for at your local zoos are events, around this time of year a lot of them put on amazing light displays, special breakfasts, and even comedy shows!

Fall Festival

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower” – Albert Camus

Oktoberfest to wine festivals to sheep celebrations – yes, that’s actually a thing! – Fall festivals come in all shapes and sizes with their own unique traditions!

If your town doesn’t have a festival of its own take a look online to find the one closest to you, a mini road trip could be an amazing start to this date experience!

Spend the day checking out this – possibly – new area and all its local culture or if you’re from the area, rediscover what your town is all about with fun exhibits and parades showcasing everything great about it.

You can always be sure that these festivals will have tons of new foods to try out for the first time together, vendors selling a variety of items from jewelry to home décor, and some even have farmer’s markets loaded with freshly harvested produce!

Stay in movie night


“Let’s make a blanket fort and hide from people”

Bring the kid out in both of you during a cold autumn evening by having a movie night in complete with your own fort! Grab all available sheets and create a magical fortress stuffed with your comfiest pillows and cuddliest blankets for a fun romantic environment.

One of my favorite things to do is shop for movies; new ones, old ones, doesn’t matter!

Finding some favorites or ones you’ve never seen before can be a lovely way to spend the evening and maybe even learn some new about your partner.

But, if that’s not your thing, no worries, you always have trusty old’ Netflix to help you find the perfect movie for your night in.

Cooking or ordering in their favorite food, drinks, and snacks is the way to anyone’s heart and will help complete this cozy fall date night in.

There you have it guys and gals, 6 fun fall date ideas to try out this season! When it comes to planning dates it’s the thought that counts, putting effort into a thoughtful creative date experience is the greatest thing you can do.

So don’t get caught up in having to make it the most over the top expensive date but making it something fun and special, something both of you will enjoy and remember for years to come.

Bring a camera and take candid pictures, smother them in love and appreciation, try things together – whether it’s for the first time or the 100th – it could all lead to amazing traditions you do every year.

And let’s just be honest about all of this, whether you’re going out pumpkin hunting or staying in to watch Netflix spending time with the person you love is the most amazing feeling in the world and that’s what really matters.

In the comments below tell us about your fall date ideas or experiences!

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