How To Have A Summer Fling Just Like In The Movies

Summer may be half over but that does not mean you can not learn how to have a summer fling. If you want a fun love just for the summer, look no further.

Not everyone wants to have fun with someone just for the summer but more should. What’s better than frolicking through the sand and getting sun kissed in more than one way?

Going to the beach and rocking your hottest swimwear is made so much sweeter when you have someone to truly appreciate it.

But it’s not always as easy as finding someone to hang out with. Just like what’s said above, not everyone is looking for that. Which means it might be hard to find someone who’s down for a fun summer fling.

Knowing how to have a summer fling will make it so much easier to land that special someone quickly and make them yours for a few short months.

Without knowing the proper way to pick up a summer fling, you could end up with issues down the road when they want to commit and all you wanted was some summer lovin’.

Find someone who’s totally down for a casual fling

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This will be, by far, the hardest part of learning how to have a summer fling. You’ll really need to be on the lookout for that special person.

There are very specific qualities you’ll want to look for in a person who could potentially be your hot summertime hookup.

They’ll need to be very easygoing, fun to be around, and up for a good time without all of the attached strings. And that’s not exactly easy to find nowadays.

The best place you can look for people like this is at a fun bar or club you frequent. Keep an eye out for anyone who always seems to be having a great time there with someone new.

That person is definitely the one you want to try and have your summer fling with. Approach them, make your move, and dance the night away. With any luck, you’ll walk away with someone new you can spend some nights on the beach with.

Find someone who’s not your type emotionally

If all you’re looking for is a fling, you definitely don’t want to end up with someone you could totally see yourself dating. That defeats the entire purpose of your casual summer hookup.

Yes, you want to make sure you get along and are totally into them sexually but when it comes to relationship feelings, you need to find someone who you could never be with. And that means looking for flaws you know would be deal breakers in a relationship.

So when you’re out getting to know your new potential FWB, pay attention to those little flaws. When you find that person who could never make you happy in a real relationship but seems like a really good time otherwise, choose them for your summer fling.

Make your intentions known early on

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The worst way to end your summer with a hot fling would be for them to have misunderstood what it was the entire time. If you’re upfront with them right away, the entire summer will be a lot more fun.

You won’t have to sit and worry about whether or not they’re falling for you. Just tell them you want a fun summer fling and nothing more. More than likely, if you’re going after the right person, they’ll understand because that’s what they’ll want, too.

It can be a little awkward telling someone you just want some casual fun but there are pretty easy ways of doing this.

After a fun night out, you can just say something like, “This way fun. Let’s keep it this way!”

More than likely, you’ll also be asked what you’re looking for if you two get to talking long enough. Don’t be afraid of what you want. Just tell them you’re looking for a fun summer fling and leave it at that.

Don’t talk deeply about yourself and your life

This might be difficult. If you’re hooking up with your summer fling, you usually end up talking about your life. However, if you really want to know how to have a summer fling successfully, you need to avoid this because talking about yourselves too much might lead to deeper feelings.

And since you’re looking to keep things casual and fun, that’s definitely not what you want. Even if you take the precautions of getting to know enough about that person to know you don’t want to be with them, sometimes those feelings can arise anyways.

In order to truly keep things casual this summer, just keep to very surface-deep topics. You can talk about your dog or friends but don’t tell them your life goals and aspirations. Avoiding catching feelings will certainly make it easier to have a summer fling.

Go do fun things instead of only spending time inside together

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What’s the point of a fun summer fling if all you two do is stay inside wrapped up in bed? To truly know how to have a summer fling, you need to know how to get out and have fun with them.

That’s the whole point. Your fling is that person you can go on adventures with because it’s more fun than going alone. They can hit up the beach with you, hike some mountains, and even participate in a sand volleyball league with you.

Having a companion to enjoy those summer experiences with is the biggest perk of having a summer fling. Don’t put that to waste because their body is so enticing.

End it on a good note

As the summer comes to a close, get ready to say goodbye to your sweet summer fling. This can sometimes be really hard if you’ve grown particularly close to the person, even just as friends.

Go out and do something fun as a big farewell. Reminisce on the summer you’ve spent together and even take some cheesy polaroid pictures. There’s no reason to be sad or get upset with one another.

If it seems like the other person is getting upset that you’re cutting out after a great summer, just remind them of your deal. You both just wanted to have some fun and that’s definitely what happened.

Talk about how much you enjoyed their company all summer and then say goodbye.

Knowing how to have a summer fling is all about knowing how to find that specific person. It’s not every day you run into a person who can just have some casual fun for a few months and move on. If you can do that, you’ll have a summer fling that puts those movies to shame.

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