Man Reveals How Guys Deal With Breakups

Ever wondered how guys deal with breakups? This article will walk you through how most guys behave after the end of a relationship and why.

If you’re wondering whether or not you’ll shatter his heart when you speak the words, “It’s over,” this breakdown of how guys deal with breakups will help you gain some insight into the mind and heart of a typical man and how they cope with the loss of their relationship status.

Being alone isn’t all that bad for guys. They’re generally pretty independent souls. There’s a certain toughness they aspire for, and being fine with flying solo is a part of that.

That being said, some guys are completely putting up a façade when they speak or behave as if they are a lone wolf bad-ass.

Guys don’t like being alone either

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First of all, human beings are social animals, man, woman, or child. No one wants to be alone, and especially not after spending so much time with one other person.

He'll give his heart to the first woman who does this...

Breakups are a huge emotional adjustment for both sexes; let there be no debate about that. The reason why some guys are able to cope with it better than others is that some guys are better at blocking out emotions than others.

Men are in no rush to settle down

Having confidence in the fact that they can find a new partner without being in danger of aging out of their prime is an advantage for men. Women don’t often share the same comfort in knowing they can postpone their quest for a spouse.

Many women feel rushed to get hitched before a certain timeframe for a variety of reasons. Men don’t really worry about that, and fortunately for them as a sex, they don’t have to.

Men don’t have to plan for things like having a baby at the right age. When you don’t have the clock working against you, things are a little easier.

Do guys cry when they break it off?

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If he’s the one breaking up with you, he probably won’t be sitting at home shedding tears afterward. He might cry during the initial breakup discussion, but if so, that will probably be the extent of it.

Since he’s the one putting an end to the relationship, he’s probably thought it through enough to deal with his emotions. If he appears straight faced in the moment, don’t think he’s heartless and didn’t care about the relationship, because that’s probably not true at all.

Do guys cry on purpose to gain leverage?

I don’t imagine this is a very common tactic for guys, but I’ve definitely seen a lot of girls do it, and I’ve also done it myself on rare occasions as a last resort.

The only problem with this move is that guys can’t really compete with girls when it comes to crying. Losing all composure is really looked down upon for a guy, and the majority of them are fully aware of that.

I think it’s safe to assume if he bursts into tears that it’s because he’s legitimately upset and not just pulling a stunt.

Do guys cry when you break up with them?

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Yes. The knowledge that your beloved partner no longer wants to be with you is heart-crushing for both sexes. Some guys have a barrier around themselves that allows them to mentally prepare to be let down before it even happens.

Ironically, that barrier can be the very same reason why their relationship is ending. But for casual dating, that barrier is important. If you’re simply in a relationship of convenience and you’re inevitably going to break up anyway, then it’s necessary not to get too close.

But even saying goodbye to a temporary fling can be very painful, definitely enough to bring a man to tears.

If he threatens to commit suicide, will he really do it?

This of course goes on an individual basis, but it’s probably unlikely that he would actually go through with it. Some people use suicide threats to try to control their loved ones, and it works for a while, until whoever they are doing it to sees a pattern and realizes that they are being manipulated.

Regardless of what you may think, if he mentions anything about suicide, contact someone close to him to deal with it, or call the police. It’s not really your responsibility to take care of your partner anymore after you tell them it’s over.

How soon will he start dating normally again?

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It may pain you to imagine this, but probably the very next day if he was the one who broke it off. It’s important to consider the length of the relationship before making any assumptions though.

If it was a deep relationship that lasted many years, then maybe not. But if he’s trying to move on immediately, he will probably want to bury your memory with someone else’s as soon as possible.

He also might seek out a quick hook up to help gain some closure. Getting physical with someone else will help the break up materialize for him. There could also be a particular person he’s wanted to see all throughout your relationship.

Although he might try to hang out with someone right after leaving you, that doesn’t mean he’s over you. You will very much be at the forefront of his thoughts the entire time he’s with the other girl, probably even while they’re in bed if it goes that far.

It could also happen that he meets up with someone and realizes he is just completely not ready yet. That’s the most likely scenario if he tries to meet up with another girl the very next day after a very emotional breakup.

Try to find some peace of mind in the knowledge that he won’t be able to completely forget you and move onto another girl with the snap of his fingers. The connection you had is not something he can just instantly delete. The times you shared probably meant a lot to him.

If he does go for another girl the next day or a few days later, don’t take it personally that he is trying to find someone else immediately. That’s his way of moving on from the relationship, and if it helps him do that, it’s only fair to accept it.

He’s not doing it because he’s just a pig that will jump in bed with anyone, he’s doing it deliberately to distance himself ASAP from a relationship that, in his mind, failed.

How guys deal with breakups months down the line

After several months pass of healing, trying to forget, and moving on, he will probably block thoughts of you from making him feel anything about what happened.

Maybe deep down he’ll feel extremely guilty for something, or angry, or just apathetic, but whatever his attitude is toward the relationship you had with him, he won’t want to dwell on it or even think about it.

It’s not that he’ll hate you, it’s just that he’ll know he has to let a lot of time pass before he can even see pictures of you or anything like that without strong emotions resurfacing.

Will he keep in touch?

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It would be unusual if he did immediately after the breakup. You might hear from him once in a while just out of friendship. He also might randomly try to see you again at some point. If so, take that invitation with a grain of salt. It doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to get back together.

How guys deal with breakups depends on a lot of different things. Each guy deals with it in his own way regardless of the situation he’s in, but as a generality, most guys tend to try to cover their ex’s memory up with another girl and stop themselves from thinking about her as much as they can.

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