Romantic And Fun Couple Ideas For New Years’ Eve

With New Years’ Eve a few short days away, you might be scrambling for ideas for you and your beau. Check out our exciting public and private couple ideas for New Years’ Eve.

New Years’ Eve is always one of the most exciting days of the year. Regardless of your plans, everyone stays up way past the midnight marker to celebrate the last hours of the old year and the first hours of the new one. It’s no secret that your New Years’ Eve plans need to be amazing, and if you’re in a relationship, you’re probably looking for something you’ll both love.

Whether you’d prefer a quiet night in or an exciting night on the town, check out our list below for some amazing ideas!

Boat cruise

boat cruise new years eve

Although boat cruises might seem like something you can only enjoy during the summertime, going on one will make for an interesting and fun New Years’ Eve!

It might be colder on the water, but what do you think heat is for?! While you don’t have to step out onto the deck, you’ll definitely have a few photo ops from inside the boat.

Boat cruises are amazing for a few reasons. Not only do they include a dinner that you and your date will love, but they also give you the option of paying for an open bar service.

This way the drinks won’t stop flowing well into the New Year! On board, you’ll also find a DJ who will make this the perfect opportunity for you to bust a move.

Eat dinner at a fancy NYC restaurant

Everyone knows that the city to go to for New Years’ Eve is New York City. If you’re not planning on waiting over 12 hours in the cold to watch the ball drop, you can definitely settle for the atmosphere by having dinner at an NYC restaurant.

Many restaurants in the city will open up their doors for longer hours so their patrons can ring in the New Year. Similar to the boat cruise, you can enjoy dinner while being close to the events in Times Square.

Who needs a DJ when you can hear the live performances of the year’s artists, some of which have been Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, and Demi Lovato.

Enjoy a quiet night in

Couple relaxing and enjoying New Years mood at home

While everyone is out and about in the streets, you might find that you would prefer to spend a cozy night in with your other half. Your plans might not include dressing up for dinner or a night of dancing.

For a secluded and personal New Years’ Eve, you can definitely enjoy a few movies with your date on the couch. Since the holiday season will be over soon, you can use the time to cuddle up on the couch and watch the last of the Christmas films.

Don’t forget to tune into a few of the local stations who will definitely have a few live performances going on closer to midnight. After you ring in the New Year with a kiss, your secluded setting can definitely lead to an even more personal and sexier night.

Go dancing

You and your New Years’ Eve date might love the club scene, so you should definitely spend your night dancing! New Years’ Eve is another night that’s great for going to a club or a lounge! Not only are you guaranteed a fun night, but depending on where you go, you might see famous faces!

Many clubs will have special events where they are hosted by a celebrity, so you might get the chance for a photo op that will definitely please you and all of your social media followers. Besides that, you’re guaranteed to have a good DJ that will keep you and your date dancing for hours past your midnight kiss.

Have a picnic on a secluded beach

Huge New Years’ Eve plans might not be your style. Instead of staying in the house, you might hope to go somewhere but would also prefer to spend a little one on one time.

A perfect date idea if you’re living in the warmer states would be to enjoy a picnic on the beach. Since it is December, you can be sure that there won’t be a lot of people around.

All you need to do is bottle a few dishes and a bottle of wine or champagne, and enjoy the night with your date. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a few fireworks!

Stay in a cozy cabin

smiling man and woman in hats and scarf hugging over wooden country house and snow background

There’s something about spending the winter in actual winter weather that makes the season magical. If you’re still looking to spend a secluded New Years’ Eve with your date, one way to do this would be to go on a trip to a snowy area.

During the day, you can embrace your adrenaline and take up skiing or snowboarding. At night, you and your NYE date can cuddle up in front of a fire and toast to starting a new year together – after you share a kiss, of course!

Throw a dinner party

New Years’ Eve might seem like it’s all about going to an exciting party, but why not throw your own? If you and your significant other live together, you can make it the biggest party of the year! Both of you can invite your friends and family and start the night of simple with dinner.

As the hours pass by, make sure all the kids are put to bed because you can then break out the wine and spirits! Whether you’ve got drinks being passed around and the last few mistletoe kisses, you and your boyfriend will definitely enjoy the night.

Visit family

If you would prefer not to have a house to clean up come New Years’ Day, you’ll want to ditch the previous idea. You might still hope to see your family and if you and your boyfriend have been in a relationship for some time, make this a priority!

Taking turns seeing your families on New Years’ Eve might be the go to plan, but you could also split up the festivities by spending pre-New Years’ with one family and your post-New Years’ celebrations with the other. Regardless, you’ll definitely be spending time with your loved one surrounded by family.

Watch the ball drop in NYC


It’s no secret that New York City probably hosts the biggest New Years’ festivities in the world. Every year, millions of people from all over the world head to Times Square to watch the ball drop and this could be on your NYE plans, too!

This is an all-day event, so you’re guaranteed a lot of time with your date! Although you might be facing chilling temperatures, you’ll definitely be warmed by the happy atmosphere and amazing musical performances.

As if that isn’t enough, you’ll get to count down the last few seconds of the year with millions of people before you get to share a kiss with that one special person under a hail of confetti!

You have a few more days to iron out your New Years’ Eve plans! Our final advice to you is just to make sure you have fun and that you’re able to kiss your date at midnight!

In the comments, let us know what your plans for New Years are!

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