Quiz: Do I Like Him?

do i like him
If there’s a special guy in your life you’re not sure you like, and are trying to separate friendship from romance, here’s a quiz to help you figure out if he’s Mr. Right or Mr. Obsession.

It’s easy to confuse love and lust, but it’s even easier to confuse friendship with like. Sometimes we get so messed up in our heads about our emotions regarding the opposite sex. I’ve had crushes on guy friends because they stimulate me in an intellectual way, but I’ve dated guys who didn’t have much going on in their head, yet still had a great sense of humor and were kind enough for me to accept our intellectual differences. It’s funny how the mind works.

Still, sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which…is it “like” or is it “friendship”. The head and the heart can be confusing and contradict each other. This quiz will help you determine what you’re really feeling about this guy and whether or not you should pursue it or keep him as your friend.

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  • I’m not so sure I agree with this. We’re like best friends, I so to talk with him and he doesn’t have a girlfriend and I would never blow him off, he’s too precious for that

  • I dont agree at all… i really like this guy. I dont want to just have sex with him and leave, actually im the type of person that would rather take things slow before we get to that point.

  • I answered mostly b’s the first time round and got “mostly c’s you’re obsessed with him.” I thought that was peculiar, so I tried it again, this time only answering a’s. I still got the same answer. So I believe it’s rigged.

  • I’m angry with my results we are good friends, we talk all the time, and I like him a ton. we’ve known each other since kindergarnden but only became close this year. I HAVE TALKED TO HIM, I DO LIKE HIM, AND WE ARE FRIENDS. (I wish we were a little more though. and no, I don’t just want to sleep with him.