6 Reasons Why You Should Go for the Funny, Goofy Guy

The funny, goofy guy who’s been hanging out may not seem like the obvious choice for a date, but here’s why he should be your first choice.

I’ve always believed laughter to be the key to my heart. Maybe this is why most of my ex-boyfriends could have easily completed a successful stint in comedy or why my current boyfriend constantly makes me laugh, making me fall even more in love with him.


Because of this, I found it ludicrous to believe that Chandler Bing—the ultimate funny, goofy guy—on the beloved comedy Friends was not considered boyfriend material by anyone besides Monica (and at times, even she didn’t seem too impressed with him).

Maybe Rachel and Phoebe saw him as too much of a friend, but that didn’t take away the fact that they immediately thought ‘undateable’ when it came to Chandler.

In the dating world, funny guys like Chandler don’t get even half the credit they deserve. Instead, they are constantly overlooked for the good-looking guys who often treat us like garbage. This is why I think women need to focus a little more attention on the guy making them laugh after the heartbreak rather than the cookie-cutter jerk doing the heartbreaking.

Here are six reasons why I believe every woman should go for the funny, goofy guy.

Life will be more entertaining.

Just think about it: what’s more entertaining than laughing and having fun? Doing so makes you feel more at ease, fulfilled and living in the present moment—a state hard to slip into given all of life’s daily stresses. Being with a funny guy ensures that you don’t just have a boyfriend—you have a best friend too, and this is such an essential ingredient to a successful and happy long-term relationship.

Laughing is good for you.

Humor is called the best medicine for a reason.

It’s infectious and causes belly aches, tears of joy and just flat out fun. All of this serves as a great antidote to life’s stresses, pain and other uncomfortable conflict. According to, this also means better relaxation, a boost to your immune system, the release of endorphins and a healthier heart. So, go ahead and laugh—your health and the one cracking the jokes will thank you for it.

He makes you feel comfortable.

Yes, you could date the hot guy with abs of steel and Robert Pattinson’s jawline, but what’s the point if you never feel comfortable around him? Instead, you may be left feeling constantly insecure and jealous over all of the other girls fawning over him.

Not to say that funny guys put the ‘u’ in ‘ugly,’ but they do tend to care less about appearances and more about a person’s personality. This means that you will feel more at ease and comfortable around them.

Funny men are better in bed.


As if you didn’t need another reason to date a funny guy, science has found that these men are also better in bed.

This is based on a study that found funny men give women more orgasms. It surveyed 44 female students who were in relationships. Of those women, those whose partners had a strong sense of humor had stronger orgasms as well as feelings of being safer and more committed to their partners.

Funny men are more social.


Maybe with past boyfriends, you were afraid to introduce them to your family or friends in fear that they would get bored or simply not mesh with everyone. This usually isn’t the case with funny guys.

Instead, they often easily become the life of the party through their impeccable social skills.

Just think of Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers. You may even find yourself trying to chase this guy down as everyone wants to stop and chat with the man of the hour. A trait like this will also make for a better social life for the two of you as a couple as it will be easy to mingle and make friends with other couples.

As an added bonus, you won’t become one of those girls who makes their man their whole life, forgetting about their girlfriends.

They’re more confident.

Funny men have the special ability to make fun of themselves or laugh at a joke being made about them. They’re not lacking in confidence. This is a sexy trait to have and one that will make you feel more attracted to them. It also ensures fewer fights as they won’t take everything so seriously.

Any other reasons as to why you should give funny guys a chance? Let us know.

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