10 Phrases That Will Instantly Turn Your Guy Off

You know very well how to turn your guy on with all the right things, but did you know that also in the same breath you could be turning him off?

We all do it – we say things we shouldn’t and that’s fine; it’s all part of being human. But when we’re interested in a guy or in a relationship there are certain things he just doesn’t want to hear from you and there are times when we really just need to keep our mouths shut to save embarrassment, arguments or even worse turning him off you. How awful would it be to lose a guy just because you’ve got a serious case of foot in mouth disease?

Firstly, if you’re already in a relationship, your guy loves you and he doesn’t want to hear you talk crap. Secondly, if you’re crushing on a guy and trying to impress him but just happen to say something stupid then there’s a very good chance you’re going to blow it!

You want to keep your relationship happy, right? You want to get that guy and keep him, don’t you? Well then if this is the case, to maintain a happy and healthy relationship you need to avoid saying these things to your man….

#1 “Um, we need to talk…”

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Yikes, almost everyone hates hearing this phrase whether they are male or female. It denotes seriousness and it could mean a number of things…breakup, affair, pregnancy, relationship problems…you name it! Why do you need to warn your guy that you need to talk? Obviously, the thing’s that is going to follow is serious and he’ll automatically put up his guard and feel uncomfortable. Come out and say whatever you’ve got to say and do it in a more loving approach rather than making him feel all defensive and insecure.

#2 “Size doesn’t matter…”

Well, that’s a lie already and you know as well as I do that it does. Of course, when we utter this phrase we’re referring to his penis. When he hears this, it gives him the impression that he’s small down there…you’ll knock his ego, his pride will be dented and he’s unlikely to perform in the bedroom well if he has hangups about his manhood. Really, if size isn’t all that important to you, why talk about it?

#3 “Does my butt look big in this?”

Um, “no”…liar! “Yes”, you assh*le! The poor guy can’t win and whatever he says, you’re going to fault him for it and be suspicious! Seriously, men hate questions like this and it just highlights your insecurities and your lack of self-esteem, which is another pet peeve for them.

#4 “Man up!”

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If you’re partner doesn’t want to do something, that’s his prerogative and he doesn’t really need you telling him to “Man up!” This phrase should never be used and it will only emasculate him and make feel unworthy resulting in him pulling away from you. Men don’t take this phrase as a joke; they take it as a huge insult. Let’s face it: He is a man and if you find that your guy simply isn’t meeting your high expectations, you obviously need to communicate better and tell him so, but all this needs to be done without insulting him of course.

#5 “Do you think that girl is prettier than me?”

This is very similar to the “does my butt look big in this?” question. He’ll be damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t. Your guy hates these questions and if he just happens to pause for a bit longer than he should when answering then he’s in the firing line and not only this, you’re also feeding your own insecurities, so why bother?

#6 “My ex…”

Wouldn’t you freak out if he started talking about his ex-girlfriend? It doesn’t make you feel good, right? He doesn’t want to hear it. Believe it or not, guys have insecurities, too, and this will just make him feel like you’re making comparisons (even if this is not your intention!) .

#7 “Don’t bother! I’ll do it myself!”

If your man wants to help you, let him. Don’t dismiss his wanting to help. This, in fact, is just another way of emasculating him and non-directly telling him he’s useless or incapable. Guys like to feel like they’re needed, so if they offer to help, let them!

#8 “I’m not your mom!”

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The whole mom issue with guys is a touchy subject. If you say this, you’re directly implying that he’s unable to do things alone and constantly needs mothering, which, of course, is a huge dent to his ego.

#9 “I can’t live without you?”

Really? Are you this desperate? Because that’s the message you’re going to send out to your guy. When speaking to your boyfriend, ex or a guy you like, you need to refrain from using overtly desperate language. This will make you sound clingy and this is one thing that all guys can’t stand. If you really want to be with him, let him take the lead. When he feels in control, he’s more likely to commit. I’m not telling you to be the submissive housewife – far from it – but it’s a male thing and it’s got a lot to do with polarization so take a step back and enjoy the attention.

#10 “Nothing’s wrong!”

So why the long face? If you’re obviously looking pissed, upset or sad and he asks, “What’s up?” and you just reply, “Nothing,” it will lead him to believe that you’ve got issues with him. If you don’t want to talk about it with your guy then you better put on a smiley happy face and fake it. He’s not a mind reader and it’s only fair that you talk things through with your partner and tell him what’s up whether it’s got anything to do with him or not…remember the key to having a great relationship is communication so use it.

Can you think of any other lines that your guy hates to hear? Send them in and enlighten us so we don’t make any more faux pas that could end up jeopardizing our relationships or future relationships. 

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