First Date Body Language Decoded

What does it mean when a guy does such and such on a first date? We’ve made a list of all the most frequent first date body language moves to take note of, and decoded them for you, so that you never have to guess what he’s thinking again!

#1 What does it mean when he sits with his hands, palm facing upwards, on the table in front of me?

hands on a table

Yes, this could well be an invitation for you to put your hand in his! More importantly though; this is a show of openness. If the guy has an open personality and his palms face upwards on the table or even in his lap, he is being friendly and offering you the option to connect with him on a physical level. If you respond by placing your hand in his and smiling, he may be taken aback, but your open smile will put him at ease, and his open personality will already have prepared him to accept you.

#2 What does it mean when he sits with his legs wide open?

It might be somewhat disconcerting if a guy sits down opposite you with his legs wide open and you are faced with an enormous bulge in the centre of his tight trousers, and it may well be that he is sitting in this fashion precisely because his trousers are too tight to sit comfortably any other way – what you need to ask yourself though, is why did he choose to wear those trousers on a first date in the first place? Whether conscious of the fact or not, he wants you to notice his package!

#3 What does it mean when he uses his thumbs to hang onto his belt, like he’s too cool for school?

man thumbs

Men who fancy a woman when they are on a date also have a tendency to link their thumbs through the belt loops on their trousers; although this might look like a fairly awkward way to look cool and relaxed, what is subconsciously doing, is again drawing your attention down there! Notice how his hands and fingers guide your gaze in between his legs? Maybe you’d like to know why he seems so eager for you to check out what he’s got? Well it’s obvious isn’t it? In a guy’s mind, his penis is symbolic of his manliness, and he wants you to find him attractive! And if he wants you to find him attractive it is probably because he fancies the pants off you!

#4 What does it mean when he puts his arm around you?

No matter how or when he does it, when a man puts his arm around you it is his instinct to protect you. You might be sitting in the movies watching a horror flick, or trying to get a drink at a busy bar… a hand around your back or resting on your shoulder is always symbolic of him feeling protective, even if he is doing it to ward off competition. It means he kinda likes you!

#5 What does it mean if he lends you his coat or scarf?

mans coat date

He’s not trying to improve your outfit, and he’s not trying to trick you into carrying his outer gear because he doesn’t want to wear any of it. But contrary to what you may instinctively think, he is not lending you his gear, or his phone or whatever it is in order to be gentlemanly, so don’t think awww, that’s sweet, just yet! When a guy lends you something he thinks you need it is his subconscious way of displaying the fact that he can provide for you, and that perhaps you need him to, or that he wants you to need him to. Essentially it is not only protective but is also suggestive of ownership. Don’t get up on your high horse next time he pops his hat on your head though, it is sort of flattering in a way, and everyone likes to feel needed, don’t give him a hard time, in fact, play up to it and he will fall that little bit more in love with you because of the generous ego boost.

#6 What does it mean when he plays with his glass?

Well it really depends on how he is playing with it. Firstly don’t mistakenly assume he is fidgeting because he is bored, because if that were the case then he wouldn’t be looking at his glass, he’s be looking up and around the room for some other interesting opportunity walking by! Secondly don’t assume he is waiting for you to cough up for the next round because he is swirling the last of his drink around in the bottom of his glass. Nope, when a guy plays with his drink, try to notice if he is using any circular motions like swilling liquid or tracing the rim with his finger, because if he is then he could be having sexual thoughts about you! This is a contemplative move, and the circular movements refer to his thoughts about the curves of your body!

#7 What does it mean if he starts to take clothes off?

man tie

I don’t mean all of his clothes; it would be fairly odd if on a first date a guy began to strip down to his underpants in the restaurant! But if he first takes off his jacket, and then later takes off his jumper, and then later unbuttons his shirt or loosens his tie, it is because he is heating up! Providing the venue isn’t a sauna, this is most likely due to the fact that he likes you, a lot! His temperature is rising because his imagination is working. You may be talking about your favourite food, but whatever is going on inside his head is completely different. He is imagining you eating the food, your lips, your tongue, then suddenly there is no food in sight, it’s just your mouth and his penis – seriously men get flashing images like this all of the time, random sexual thoughts that punctuate perfectly ordinary conversation!

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