10 Ways to Spend Less Money While Travelling

Are you going on vacation soon? Do you find yourself short on funds and worrying about how much fin you can possibly have? We’ve all been there. Don’t worry, here are 10 ways you can spend less money while travelling so you don’t have to cut your trip short.

One of the biggest issues I find with going anywhere on vacation is that I never seem to have enough money. Of course, I have a tendency to spend money as I see it (which is really a terrible habit I have to break), so my vacations get out of control.

I changed jobs about two years ago and am not making nearly the same amount of money as before. I prefer my job now…but my vacations are fewer and require me to be much thriftier.

Because of my need to get away on a simple budget, I’ve come up with these ten tips for saving money while travelling. You’ll be doing yourself a huge favor!

#1 Purchase Tickets Early

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If you know you’re flying out of the country, and you have definitely taken the time off work to do so, then the best thing you can do for your wallet right now is to purchase the tickets early. Booking early and on a weekday can save you hundreds of dollars on your flight (which is probably the most expensive part of your vacation anyway).

#2 Have Numerous Stops

Another thing while booking your flight is to have multiple stops along the way. There are two things this does for you. First, you get to see new cities. If you have an eight hour layover in Frankfort, then go out and spend the day exploring a little while you’re there. There is no reason to sit bored in the airport.

Second, multiple flights will save you money. I know, it’s tiring getting on and off planes and worrying about delays. It really is so much easier to book a one way flight. Still, you might save yourself a lot of money having multiple destinations. Make sure the layovers are in safe cities.

Also, take a night flight. The red-eye flights are usually cheaper.

#3 Go Off-Season

Everyone wants to go on vacation during the summer, but what’s stopping you from going in the middle of October? I took a great vacation with my son around Halloween and got cheap flights (because it was the off-season) as well as got to experience Halloween in another country. The off-season was just as perfect as the summer season I took later (actually, I liked the off-season better, less crowds).

#4 Sleep Cheap

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There’s no reason to set yourself up in a fancy all-star hotel. If you want to save money on your next trip, then get a room at a hostel or a lower star hotel. Also, bed and breakfasts usually run more expensive, but sometimes you can get a great deal during the off-season. There are even “couch surfer” homes you can stay in. Check out all of your options before booking a room.

#5 Take the Bus

Why rent a car when you can take the bus? One of the best things about going on vacation is exploring all the sights and a bus trip is the best way to see new things with very little expense. It might take longer to reach your destination, but then, you’re on vacation, so what’s the hurry? Enjoy the bus ride. Also, look into a multi-day pass for the tram or train system linking multiple countries (that will save you a lot of money on renting a car or taking a short flight).

#6 Carry a Limited Amount on You

One of the best ways to save money is to not have it. Seriously, you can’t spend what you don’t have (well, you can, but you shouldn’t). Take out a little bit of spending cash before you head out sight-seeing and only allow yourself to use that cash. It takes will-power, but you can do it! Keep your credit card on you just in case of an emergency, though.

#7 Get Leftovers

If you’re eating out, you can save yourself a lot of money by eating at places with large portions. I like decently priced meals that give enough food for three people, that way I can take the leftovers back to the hotel and have them later when I’m hungry again (or in the morning for a quick bite before heading out).

#8 Shop Around

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One of the worst things you can do as a tourist is to buy the first thing you see. I have done that more times than I can possibly count. Don’t waste your money on things you don’t need, go to a few more shops and look around first. If you still thing you absolutely have to have that little knick-knack, than go back and buy it later. I usually find that after I’ve walked away from the item that caught my eye, I no longer have the desire to buy it.

#9 Check Out the Times and Prices First

If you’re going sight-seeing at any of the local museums or tourist attractions, look up the hours and prices first. This is one of the best tips for saving money while travelling. Most of the time, people go to large museums or tourist attractions on the weekends, but many of these places have reduced entrance fees (or are free) on certain weekdays. Check it out before you spend twenty dollars to look at a painting.

#10 Shop Local

Finally, if you want to save some money while travelling, avoid the malls. Malls always hike up prices to unbelievable rates. Get outside the city and find some local stores instead. Many local shops have better bargains and are more willing to barter if you really want something but are limited in funds. Besides that, local shops have authentic local items, malls are pretty much the same shops no matter where you go.

It’s easy to save money when you let yourself out of your comfort zone. Travelling with friends or sharing a cab with a stranger can be surprisingly more fun than you might imagine! Tell us, how do you save money when you’re on vacation?

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