4 Tips for Lightweight Cabin Luggage

Whenever you are travelling by plane you need to think about the luggage that you will be carrying with you. You should try to keep this to a minimum, because of the extra price the weight might add and because of the fact that you are going to carry it with you, so you should be able to pick it up.

Check out these tips to have more comfortable trips with lightweight cabin luggage.

1. Things You Need

Here are a couple of things you absolutely have to have with you in a cabin luggage.

First, keep your money and documents in a cabin luggage with you. Everything valuable should also be there. Bring your mobile phone, your laptop and any other electronic device you might be carrying.

Furthermore, you should have some paper tissues and wet wipes. If you are under any strict therapy and it will be a long flight, you will need to have your medications with you.

Don’t forget to mention this to the customs officers and to bring the medications in their original package together with some proof that you are under a strict therapy.

Is it going to be a long flight? It would be a good idea to bring some ear plugs and a sleeping mask. Some air companies offer those, but not all of them, so it’s better to bring your own. These are the basics and you should always have them with you.

Other things depend on the length of the flight and on who you’re traveling with, but you must always have these with you.

2. Things You Don’t Need

A lot of people are carrying much more stuff in a cabin luggage than they actually need.

Try to avoid doing this. You don’t need to bring food or water with you, because you will get a beverage on the plane and something to eat too.

Moreover, if it’s not going to be a long flight, you don’t need your makeup bag to be with you, since your makeup will survive a short flight.

Try not to bring anything you don’t really need in a cabin luggage. If you don’t know how to decide whether you need something or not, simply make a list of all the things you want to bring and then ask yourself if you really need your mobile phone charger in your cabin luggage.

Try to pack as light as possible.

3. What About Traveling With a Baby?

happy mother and her child at airport

Now, this could be a real issue. Travelling with your baby will pack up two bags on your cabin luggage. One will be yours and the other, probably the bigger one, is the bag you need to bring for your baby.

Pack this bag as you pack it every day. You need diapers, wet wipes, baby powder, one bottle with water, another one with milk and baby food, depending on how old your baby is.

You should also have a pacifier with you and your baby’s favorite toy or something that can make your baby calm, especially if it is going to be a long flight. Bring a car seat or a stroller, and ask if the air company is charging extra for them, because some of them do.

4. Traveling With Small Children

Coming right after travelling with a baby, travelling with small children is the trickiest travel there is. It could be even worse that travelling with your baby.

Anyhow, you should have some Kleenex, wet wipes and some of your children’s favorite food. It could be good to have a couple of treats too. Bring something to keep them occupied. It could be a toy, some colors and a coloring book.

Any electronic device to entertain him will work to perfection, it can be a PSP, an iPad or a laptop. To watch cartoons or play games, but please just don’t forget about it!

It would be a good idea to have some medicines for nausea, since children tend to get nauseated on the plane.

You could also bring a storybook to read to the kids. Most importantly, bring your imagination along, because you will need to come up with a lot of ideas to keep your kids occupied, especially if it is going to be a long flight.


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