5 Insider Secrets on What to Do in Melbourne on a Budget

Even if you’re travelling on a tight budget, we will unveil what to do in Melbourne at great value for money, and help you to understand why this sunny city has been voted the best one in the world in terms of general living conditions.

You will never get bored in Melbourne, the cultural and sports Australian capital, which is buzzing with young and beautiful people of 100 different national backgrounds. You can fully enjoy its cosmopolitan atmosphere even if you stay out of the posh expensive clubs, restaurants, theatres and horse races. Make sure that you type in these five awesome spots into your mobile device for smooth city touring.

1. Great Bargains at the South Melbourne Market


Head to the vibrant, and bohemian, Clarendon area and take in some alternative culture. Its numerous ethnic cuisine restaurants, lifestyle stores and bars will make an excellent intro to your main destination – The South Melbourne Market. We are not suggesting that you should avoid Queen Victoria Market altogether, but do avoid shopping there, as it is too touristy and pricey.

Is there a better way to save in Melbourne, than to hit the local economy market, and shop, side by side, with the savvy locals. Choose the perfect souvenirs for only couple of bucks. Don’t miss out on trying Greek and Italian specialties to get the right feel of Melbourne’s demographics and cultural mix.

2. Feel Proud of Dining at Proud Mary


The name says it all. Sip the best espresso in Melbourne, and sample Chef Mordini’s Italian specialties at budget friendly prices. Drop by at any time, especially after all-night partying, and recover since they serve hearty breakfast and lunch menu all day long.

Popular prices, hip décor and cool buzz attracts, equally hip urban crowds, so it gets really busy up to the point that I don’t advise coming here on a weekend. You want to spend your precious Melbourne time more actively, then by waiting for a table for an hour, especially if it’s cold outside. Still, waiting pays out at once when you bite the crackling pork skin on their signature sandwich.

You won’t resist their home-made cakes and berry jam even if you’re dieting – and you shouldn’t! Don’t worry if you’re a solo traveler – you’ll enjoy the cosmopolitan vibe, mingling, or people watching.

3. What’s so Entertaining in “The Entertainment™ Book?”

This publication doesn’t only bring amazing 2 for 1 tourist attractions, and fine dining offers, as well as huge discounts, but it also makes you feel good, knowing that you’re contributing to its fund-raising purpose. It is ideal for groups of friends, or families, who are travelling together since you can get two museum tickets for the price of one.

The same goes for all the major attractions, hotel rooms, excursions and restaurants. You can buy the Entertainment Book exclusively from the fund-raising partner organizations, so don’t be lazy and Google them in seconds for some substantial saving.

4. Hanging Out with the Locals in Graffiti Art Lane


If you’re wondering what to do in Melbourne for free, and still feel chic, find Bourke Street on your GPS, or a map, and pay attention to the surrounding lanes while you look for the Union Lane, which is squeezed between pricey stores you don’t want to go into.

Instead, admire the modern urban artwork in the form of imaginative colorful graffiti and murals perfect for a photo session and authentic memories. Don’t be afraid to explore it on your own because it’s bright, safe and perfect for chatting with the arty locals.

5. Naked for Satan Should be Kept a Secret

Don’t be confused, or put off, by the grotesque name. This modern bar specializes in serving super cheap Basque style tapas, pintxos, and pricy vodka cocktails on the other side of the medal. Even if you are barging in for the first time in a large group of backpackers, the highly professional staff will be accommodating and friendly, recommending the best hot, or cold, pintxos.

You eat these with toothpicks, honestly collecting them for the end of your siesta, or entire evening, when the bartender will count up your bill. Timing is what you want to know about the most. All tapas cost only 80 cents per bite-sized piece during less busy periods, weekday lunches and Sunday to Wednesday dinners. The regular price is 2 dollars per piece which is still multiply cheaper than in fancy restaurants.

If you’re a Melbourne connoisseur yourself, feel free to mention more budget dining, or nightlife hangouts, in the comment section, and share the magic with other ladies who want to save while on the go.

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